Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Now, The World's Largest Billboard Company is Banning Messages


The above poster designed for billboards in the United Kingdom has been banned by the billboard advertising company JC Decaux.

Decaux, the world’s largest billboard company, has refused to run it saying “due to the political undertones within the messaging of the artwork we are unable to run this campaign.” 

But as Guido Fawkes notes, "Decaux has run countless political campaigns over the years, so that’s nonsense...One-sided bans on political advertising are a dangerous form of censorship, like a lot of what is going on currently it is a slippery slope. Recovery [the business group behind the billboard] is making a fair-minded political argument about the timing of the wind-down of this lockdown."

The censorship concept continues to expand and it always those taking a position against the government are the ones being censored. It is another piece of evidence that government is too big and very dangerous.



  1. "it always those taking a position against the government are the ones being censored."

    Of course. that's the part of the point of an economic system where a few large government partnered corporations dominate each business sector.

    Imagine the problems a billboard company would have if they weren't buddy-buddy with government? Imagine having s small company with say a half dozen billboards. Government is going to find a 100 different ways to hassle you. So you got to get big and partner with them. Last thing anyone in that business is going to do is run anti-government messages. Next thing you know zoning gets changed, rules and regulations on billboards get changed. New laws on light pollution get passed so they have to be dark at night and so on. Hundreds of ways govt can hassle billboard company.

    But people want government to have that sort of power... so well

  2. When has book burning/banning and information suppression ever been on the right side of history?

    1. I've heard that question being proposed a lot lately, in comments, memes , etc.

      The answer, which most people won't understand, is:

      "The Index Librorum Prohibitorum ("List of Prohibited Books") was a list of publications deemed heretical or contrary to morality by the Sacred Congregation of the Index (a former Dicastery of the Roman Curia), and Catholics were forbidden to read them without permission."

  3. The Time for Recovery organization has a very weak program. Basically just begging the government to pledge to be balanced, nice and kind. When even this pathetic begging is censured you know the society is doomed.