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Trump Just Recommend a Book Co-Written By a Super Neocon and a Military Lunatic

Donald Trump just sent out this tweet.

As I have already pointed out, Flynn is a super insane war hawk. His co-author/ghost writer of the book was the neocon on steroids Michael Ledeen.

I tell you Flynn is insane, That he is so close to Trump is very disturbing.

From the introduction to his book that Trump recommends:
We're in a world war, but very few Americans recognize it, and fewer still have any idea how to win it...Our most fanatical contemporary enemies think they are in a similar battle with us. Most of them believe their cause is blessed and supported by the Almighty. We must prove them wrong...

This administration has forbidden us to describe our enemies properly and clearly: they are Radical Islamists. They are not alone, and are allied with countries and groups who, though not religious fanatics, share their hatred of the West, particularly the United States and Israel. Those allies include North Korea, Russia, China, Cuba, and Venezuela....

 In 2015, I was fired as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency after telling a congressional committee that we were not as safe as we had been a few years back....

I also have a lot to say about Iran, which is responsible for killing hundreds of Americans in Lebanon, East Africa, Iraq, and Afghanistan. We've known about Iran's murderous activities for many years...

Then there are the terror groups, principally ISIS and al Qaeda. By now, we have seen so many horrific acts—from beheadings to crucifixions and burning captives alive—that many attentive people imagine them to be savages, barbarians. They are certainly barbaric, but they are driven by a systematic vision of how to conquer the world and impose their religious ideology on all of us. Did you know that ISIS has long worked from a detailed written timetable for global victory? It's a Radical Islamic Mein Kampf, and was discovered by a courageous young female American journalist in Pakistan in 2015....

Most Americans mistakenly believe that peace is the normal condition of mankind, while war is some weird aberration. Actually, it's the other way around....

Americans do not prepare for the next war, are invariably surprised when it erupts, and, since we did not take prudent steps when it would have been relatively simple to prevail, usually end up fighting on our enemies' more difficult and costly terms....

Let's face it: right now we're losing, and I'm talking about a very big war, not just Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan...

Once we've understood them, we've got to destroy them.

Here's how:

• We have to organize all our national power, from military and economic to intelligence and tough-minded diplomacy. It's not cheap, and it's probably going to last through several generations.

• They must be denied safe havens, and countries that shelter the have to be issued a brutal choice: either eliminate the Radical Islamists or you risk direct attack yourselves. Yes, there will be some foreign countries that can't defeat their indigenous Islamists, even though they want to, and they'll need help. They shouldn't be punished twice—first by the Islamists, then by us and our allies—and we should welcome them to our ranks.

On the other band, some of these countries are considered "partners' of ours, but they aren't. We can't afford to be gulled by foreign countries that publicly declare their friendship, but then work in cahoots with our enemies.

• We've got to attack the Islamists everywhere and in every way...

We're going to have to learn to think like the evil men—women don't really count in their ranks, aside from being used to breed new killers and occasionally blowing themselves up—who have sworn homage to al Qaeda, the Islamic State, various other jihadi groups, and to the leaders of radical regimes like the one in Iran. They will continue to do terrible things, and escalate their war against us, against Muslims who reject their doctrines, against Christian "infidels," against Jews, against women, indeed against the entire Western enterprise. We have to destroy them before they fulfill their mission.
From a review of Flynn's book in The Observer, Trump's son-in-law's paper:
Flynn urges us to have faith that the American warrior can be unleashed and the massive global network of violent radical Islamists and their cohorts from across the spectrum of evil can be extinguished 
From a Flynn interview with Intercept:
On national security and foreign policy, Flynn argued that Trump’s stated openness to employing torture techniques, his endorsement of lethally targeting the family members of suspected terrorists, and his call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. are part of a broader strategy aimed at keeping the enemy on its toes...

The big lie Flynn says he’s combating is the notion that the U.S. is not at war with radical Islam...

Militarily, the campaign Flynn envisions would be “similar to the effort during World War II or the Cold War” and would be guided by a single leader answering to the president. Additionally, Flynn adds, “Another more fundamental and dramatic effort would be a call for a complete reformation of the Islamic religion. This must start inside the Muslim community in order to succeed — but it must start somewhere.”...
Malcolm Nance, a 35-year veteran of the intelligence and counterterrorism world, said the portrait Flynn paints of an updated and expanded version of Bush’s axis of evil — one linking ISIS to the governments of North Korea, Venezuela, and Cuba — strains credulity. Nance, who has written a book on defeating the Islamic State, called Flynn’s analysis “a Tom Clancy novel.”

Andrew Bacevich, a professor of history and international relations at Boston University and a West Point graduate who fought in Vietnam, was equally unsparing in his critique of Flynn’s national security prescriptions. “Anybody who thinks Venezuela and Cuba pose a threat to the United States is truly unhinged,” Bacevich said. “If Gen. Flynn would spend 10 minutes reading a newspaper, he would note that Venezuela is really a country that is on the verge of internal collapse. It doesn’t threaten anybody.”..

Flynn’s clash of civilizations worldview is precisely what worries his critics, and there is scant evidence that his prescription for the region — which Bacevich paraphrased as a “try harder” model of what the U.S. has been doing for three decades — would yield new results. What’s more, Bacevich added, implicit in Flynn’s prescription is the unanswered question of how much his vision would cost the United States.

“How many Americans and other allies are going to die?” he asked. “In the war that we have fought since 9/11, it’s cost us trillions of dollars and there simply is no evidence that things have gotten any better.”
Yes, the book this lunatic wrote is the book that Trump just recoomended.

I have no idea how a libertarian could hold the view that Trump won't get the US embroiled in more wars. He won't do it to spread democracy, his justification will be different but he wll do it to just the same, as he says, to "defeat radical Islam"---the Mivahel Flynn way.


Hillary's Pick: Boring, Jesuit-Connected, Lefty

Hillary Clinton has chosen Tim Kaine as her running mate.

By all accounts, he is boring (and possibly dumber than even Pence).

Like Trump, Clinton went for a guy in the VP slot that will be loyal and won't cause trouble.

He is pretty much horrific on all issues. His economic positions are terrible.

His favorite presidents are the two that are responsible for the massive number of deaths, Abraham Lincoln and Harry "nuk'em" Truman.

 Kaine is an attorney who is the junior US Senator from Virginia, he was elected to the Senate in 2012. He was elected governor of Virginia in 2005, serving from 2006 to 2010.

He earned a law degree from Harvard Law School. He took a break during law school and joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in Honduras. He worked in Honduras for nine months from 1980 to 1981, helping Jesuit missionaries who ran a Catholic school in El Progreso.

It is this period where he was likely indoctrinated with wacko, socialist Jesuit thinking.

On interventionism. he is pretty much in line with Hillary Clinton's policies.

He is in favor of the insane no fly zones in Syria, but in the Senate, Kaine has supported the normalization of U.S.-Cuban relations and has supported the international nuclear agreement with Iran.


(Sources:New York Times, Washington Post, Wikipedia)

This is What the Great Actor Michael Caine Did to Get Around Airport Security Line Hassles

WaPo reports:
Until recently, he was Sir Maurice Joseph Micklewhite.
No longer.
To beat airport security lines, famous British actor Michael Caine has changed his name to Michael Caine, the stage name he picked up in 1954, he told the Sun.
“I changed my name when all the stuff started with ISIS and all that," he said. “An airport security guard would say, ‘Hi, Michael Caine,’ and suddenly I’d give him a passport with a different name on it. I could stand there for an hour.”
Michael Caine is 83. Michael Caine should not be standing in airport security lines for an hour.
He's Michael Caine.
Caine, then Mickelwhite, began acting as a young man under the name "Michael Scott," but when he was cast for a 1953 play in London, another actor in the city used the same pseudonym, he told Yahoo! Movies.
During a harried phone call to his agent, he spotted a poster for "The Caine Mutiny" and chose the name Caine.

Well, This Is Interesting (And Very Scary)

From the WSJ story:
The 17.3 million reais ($5.3 million) contract was awarded to Artel Recursos Humanos, a small employment outsourcing firm that isn’t a major player in Brazil’s security industry. 

Pick Me For Vice-President. Here's Why...

By James Altucher

In 2014, I was going to run for Congress. My assumption was that the congressman in my district was weak and would lose. He still might.

A major presidential candidate at the time contacted me. He wanted to endorse me. I've since met him. I met his pollster. I met the man working for his pollster.

That man wanted me to pay him a lot of money to "get the ball rolling." They had to poll the district to see who knew me.

"Nobody knows me," I said. "I haven't even started." But still…

In any case, I hired campaign people. I had issues. But I decided not to do it in the end.

I was watching "House of Cards." It looked dangerous and I'm not ambitious enough.

Now that I've also watched the entire series of "Veep" I realize my lack of ambition is a good starting point to be a vice-president.

But, just in case, here's my entire platform. And I'm not joking here.

Here's the platform I would have in my back pocket just in case the President gets shot and killed and I move into the White House:

A) Solve state debt.

Force every state to sell their public colleges and highways and tunnels.

Why does the government need to own a college? It's not like they are solving the student loan debt issue.

Student loan debt is getting higher every year and salaries for 22-35 year olds are getting less every year.

And highways? I don't drive. Why should my taxes go towards a highway. Maybe it will be run more efficiently if run for a profit instead of paid for out of taxes.

And bridges and tunnels? We are at the bottom of the list in the developed world in terms of upkeep of bridges. You know what happens when a bridge collapses? People die.

A company that buys a bridge is going to upkeep it. A government that owns a bridge is going to pray it survives until the next election.

In any case, this would solve all state debt. BAM!

B) Congressman can't leave their homes

We need Congress to vote on all sorts of BS issues. But if congressmen are NOT ALLOWED to leave their home districts, then how can lobbyists wine and dine 535 congressmen and senators?

They can't.

So finally we'd have a congress that would vote their conscience (mostly) instead of the whims of lobbyists.

Just make Capitol Hill a tourist attraction. The entire point of Capitol Hill was that in the 1800s there was no way to communicate other than if everyone was in the same building.

Well, now we have something called the Internet.

C) All drugs are legal.

It costs $2 billion for a drug to get through the FDA. What if that drug cures cancer? It might take ten years. It might take infinity for that drug to get out there.

That's not fair.

Just make all drugs legal. An entire industry of private FDAs would jump up to help us determine which drugs were good or not.

And it's not like drug regulation has done us any good. A thousand or more APPROVED drugs are recalled by the FDA each year, invalidating millions of prescriptions.

And the 330,000 drug related prisoners cost the system $10,000,000,000 a year and that does not include drug-related murders, prostitution, and other criminal cases related to drug abuse.

It's such a joke anyway. Cancer drugs are illegal. And the two drugs that cause the most cancers: alcohol and nicotine, are legal.

This would also solve most healthcare issues. If it doesn't cost $2,000,000,000 to get a drug through the FDA then drugs will be cheaper.

D) No wars.

You know what was great about the United States and why we grew so big? Is because it's impossible to touch us. We're far away from everywhere.

Admittedly, the world is getting closer.

But it just never seems fair for people in their 50's to vote that kids who are 18 can go to a war they don't understand.

I still don't know what World War I was about. Or Vietnam really. Or Iraq. So it seems like we're mostly wrong on these things.

But I know this is a touchy issue. People like to go to war. And what if someone attacks us, etc.


You have to be age 30 or above to go to war. Then we'll be a lot more selective about our military actions.

OK, so as Vice-President, I have a plan to get rid of state debt, federal debt, boost the economy, solve healthcare, make people healthier, less taxes, no wars, better decisions by Congress.

What else? Why should Trump or Clinton choose me?

I'm really good at breaking ties, which is the only real job for a Vice-President. I get to break ties in the Senate.

I have two daughters. I have to break really emotional ties all the time.

And I'd get the entire Bernie Sanders vote. How come? Because I'm Jewish and Bernie Sanders is Jewish and people are mostly stupid about this sort of thing.

So I'd be a good balance for the ticket. Oh, and I would be the first Vice

President to only live in Airbnbs. Which would be a fun reality show.

Nobody would be able to find me. I'd always be in an undisclosed location.


This is an edited version [RW: I cut out the Keynesian stuff and the "make easier to tax" stuff] of an essay that originally appeared at The full article is here.

James Altucher is author of Choose Yourself and The Power of No.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Crazed Neocons Aren't Always Wrong....

...especially when it comes to Donald Trump.

Ben Shapiro observes:
Trump’s new Republican Party has nothing to do with the Constitution or conservatism – he mentioned the Constitution one time this week, conservatism zero times, freedom one time, liberty zero times, the unborn zero times, God zero times, and himself some 83 times. As he said, America is broken and “I alone can fix it.”

Trump promises to fix your problems; Hillary promises to fix your problems. Freedom means fixing your own damn problems. It’s their job to get government out of your way.

Or at least that used to be the conservative line...
The keynote speakers on Trump’s big night supported the secular materialism of the Trumpist philosophy. Ivanka Trump, a friend of Chelsea Clinton’s and registered independent, dropped leftist myth after leftist myth last night – she said that there was a wage gap between men and women, and suggested that governmentally-subsidized child care and governmentally-subsidized maternity leave would be the solutions. She then told Americans why Donald Trump ought to be their boss: “He is the single most qualified person to serve as the chief executive of an 18-trillion-dollar economy.” But the economy doesn’t need a chief executive. The economy is not a business. It is a free market. The notion of an economy organized top-down should be anathema to conservatives... 
Trump isn’t about representing conservatism either. He couldn’t care less about it. But the conflation of Trumpism with conservatism will utterly destroy the latter.
Well, I'm glad, at least. it is conservatism that is going to be destroyed  and not libertarianism.

Oh yeah, I forgot, there's a Libertarians for Trump group.


NOT GOOD: Trump Considering Super War Hawk for Secretary of Defense

The Hill is reporting that  retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn "could be in the running for secretary of Defense or director of National Intelligence."

This is one scary dude.

I wrote after he spoke on Monday at the Republican National Convention:
He looks like the type that would rip the guts out of an enemy soldier he had just killed and take the guts back to a fox hole for dinner. I'm talking seriously insane...
And, as if he needed to make clear after 10 minutes into his talk that he lives for killing, at the end of his speech not once but twice he called out the neocon war cry, "American exceptionalism."
And, by the way, his recent book, The Field of Fight: How We Can Win the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies , was ghost written by the neocon on steroids, Michael Ledeen.


VIDEO Gunman Opens Fire in Munich


 There are UNCONFIRMED reports of multiple gunmen in the city.


Via The Mirror:

Gunmen are reportedly on the loose in the major German city as cops put a shopping centre into lockdown.

The area around the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum (OEZ) shopping mall in the centre of the German city has been sealed off as the gunman is tracked down.


REPORTS Up to 15 dead in Munich shopping center.


Munich police issue statement:

"Situation unclear."


Police do not know where shooter(s) is.

Donald vs. Hillary

Bob Roddis comments:

This morning, I was leaning by .00007 degrees to the “Hillary is worse than Trump” side of the scale. Then I saw this.

That would scare the children. That would scare the cats.

OMG From Donald Trump's Speech

"Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it." -from Donald Trump's acceptance speech.
Boy, does America need a good dose of Hayek right now.
Nothing is more misleading, then, than the conventional formulae of historians who represent the achievement of a powerful state as the culmination of cultural evolution: it as often marked its end. In this respect students of early history were overly impressed and greatly misled by monuments and documents left by the holders of political power, whereas the true builders of the extended order, who as often as not created the wealth that made the monuments possible, left less tangible and ostentatious testimonies to their achievement.--From F.A. Hayek's The Fatal Conceit.

Fascinating (?) Funny(?) Charlie Rose Has Learned How to Deal With the Alternative Media

Four years ago.


 Yesterday, with Alex Jones at the Republican National Convention,



The Republican National Convention Day 4: TRUMP

Donald Trump accepted the Republican Party presidential nomination in Cleveland Thursday night in a speech that lasted one hour and 16 minutes.

During the speech he made clear that he would be a "law and order" president and "make America safe again."

It is very difficult to see how any libertarian could support Trump after this speech. Although he made clear he did not plan to be a nation builder overseas, he stated clearly that he would take care of ISIS and "take care of them fast."

I don't know how to view this other than Trump telling the American people that he is going to escalate war in in the Middle East. It seems apparent that US ground forces will very likely be a part of that escalation.

Trump would go to war, just based on reasons different than presidents before him.

On the domestic front, he seemed to call for a greater federal government role in policing.

"I have a message for all of you: the crime and violence that today afflicts our nation will soon -- and I mean very soon -- come to an end. Beginning on January 20th 2017, safety will be restored," he said.

Not once in the 76 minutes that he spoke did he give any indication that current problems stem from too  much government.

In his view, the problem is the people in charge of the government.

Once he is in charge, you see, things will be different because, afterall, he has built tall buildings.

The evidence seems clear to me, Trump would be an extreme authoritarian as president.

I want to make clear here and now, no way no how do I support Donald J. Trump for president.

During a Trump presidency, the country would change dramatically and not for the better.

This does not mean I support Hillary Clinton either. She would be horrific but I do fear a Trump presidency more.


Soros Funding Leftist Catholic Groups

While George Soros on a personal level funds the model chasing exploits of his son Alex, when it comes to manipulating the world, he gets serious and leaves no religion unturned.

Bill Donahue reports at CNSnews:
Catholics in Alliance is a front for George Soros, the billionaire who supports abortion-on-demand and other public policy initiatives that are anathema to the Catholic Church.

It is run by Christopher Hale, a left-wing activist who works with Catholic dissidents and ex-Catholics to oppose the Church. He has an article posted on the website of Time that explains why Soros greases him: It is titled, "Trump-Pence is the Most Anti-Catholic Republican Ticket in Modern History."

Hale is entitled to his pro-Clinton position, but it is dishonest to pretend that he is not pushing the Soros agenda. Unlike the Catholic League, which never writes grants seeking funding from a foundation, and is wholly dependent on rank-and-file Catholics for donations, Catholics in Alliance is not a true membership organization.

Over the years, Soros has funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to Catholics in Alliance through his Foundation to Promote Open Society and his Open Society Institute. In addition to these Soros outlets, Hale is funded by the Tides Foundation and the Arca Foundation, both of which are major contributors to far-left causes...
The leaders of Catholics in Alliance play musical chairs with Faith in Public Life, another Soros letterhead that was founded by former Marxist radical Jim Wallis. John Gehring carries the water for these men at Faith in Public Life these days...
The media cover up for these groups because many reporters and pundits are against the Church's teachings on sexuality; they will do whatever they can to advance the rogue Catholic agenda. They are intentionally dishonest. This is a stealth campaign, staffed and funded by hard-core leftists, and given cover by the media.

It is not just Catholics who are ill-served when dummy groups are propped up to represent them -- the public is misled as well. 

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Score Hot Babes For George Soros' Son and You Get to Meet Obama

Alex, son of George Soros, the babes just love this guy.

NyPo's Page SIX reports:
We’re told that philanthropist and scion to the $24.9 billion Soros fortune Alex has been shuttling models, including Rachel Fox, Allie Fosheim and Lameka Fox, and fashion darlings such as Timo Weiland and Maxwell Osborne to and from his sprawling rental, Villa Maria ...
We’re told that longtime pal and New York City club fixture Adam Spoont — who is a promoter for hot spots the Monarch Room and the Gilded Lily — has been put in charge of model-recruitment for the summer, and did such a good job that he landed an audience with the president. Spoont got an invite to a Democratic fundraiser at Alex’s city apartment, and shook hands with Obama.

Did a FOX News Coup Take Out Trump Loyalist Roger Ailes?

Roger Ailes has resigned at FOX News with curious sexual harassment charges lingering in the air---charges backed up by Megyn Kelly, who said Ailes harassed her years ago, and who, of course, considers Trump the ultimate takedown target .

It is certainly a convenient time for an Ailes depature from a Hillary Clinton perspective, given that Donald Trump has been a long-time friend of Ailes and we are headed into the intense final strecth of the election season.

Nothing better for Hilalry than a "fair and left-tilted" FOX News.

Lew Rockwell thinks Hillary might have been behind it:
Is this a Hillary coup? I worked with Ailes on some political commercials at the beginning of the ’80s. An impressive guy, now brought low by organized feminism? I don’t know, but Gretchen’s lawyers are major-league Hillarians.
Ailes will leave immediately.


Trump Would Rather Crackdown Domestically Than in Turkey

That's how I read this.

From NYT:
Mr. Trump also said he would not pressure Turkey or other authoritarian allies about conducting purges of their political adversaries or cracking down on civil liberties. The United States, he said, has to “fix our own mess” before trying to alter the behavior of other nations.
“I don’t think we have a right to lecture,” Mr. Trump said in a wide-ranging interview in his suite in a downtown hotel here, while keeping an eye on television broadcasts from the Republican National Convention. “Look at what is happening in our country,” he said. “How are we going to lecture when people are shooting policemen in cold blood?”...We have so many difficulties in our country right now that I don’t think we should be, and there may be a time when we can get much more aggressive on that subject, and it will be a wonderful thing to be more aggressive. We’re not in a position to be more aggressive. We have to fix our own mess.
Trump use of government muscle is going to be more focused inward. Very dangerous.


TRUMP: I'll Back NATO Members Against Russia If They Have Met Their Obligations

The New York Times reports:
 Donald J. Trump, on the eve of accepting the Republican nomination for president, explicitly raised new questions on Wednesday about his commitment to automatically defending NATO allies if they are attacked, saying he would first look at their contributions to the alliance.

Asked about Russia’s threatening activities, which have unnerved the small Baltic States that are among the more recent entrants into NATO, Mr. Trump said that if Russia attacked them, he would decide whether to come to their aid only after reviewing if those nations have “fulfilled their obligations to us.”

“If they fulfill their obligations to us,” he added, “the answer is yes."
I just hope libertarian Trump fanboys don't try to spin this as Trump being against NATO and being soft on Russia. It is not.

NYT makes clear (my emphasis):
Mr. Trump’s statement appeared to be the first time that a major candidate for president had suggested conditioning the United States’ defense of its major allies. It was consistent, however, with his previous threat to withdraw American forces from Europe and Asia if those allies fail to pay more for American protection.


More from Trump:
If we cannot be properly reimbursed for the tremendous cost of our military protecting other countries, and in many cases the countries I’m talking about are extremely rich. Then if we cannot make a deal, which I believe we will be able to, and which I would prefer being able to, but if we cannot make a deal, I would like you to say, I would prefer being able to, some people, the one thing they took out of your last story, you know, some people, the fools and the haters, they said, “Oh, Trump doesn’t want to protect you.” I would prefer that we be able to continue, but if we are not going to be reasonably reimbursed for the tremendous cost of protecting these massive nations with tremendous wealth — you have the tape going on?

More vis NYT:

 NYT: Can the members of NATO, including the new members in the Baltics, count on the United States to come to their military aid if they were attacked by Russia? And count on us fulfilling our obligations ——

TRUMP: Have they fulfilled their obligations to us? If they fulfill their obligations to us, the answer is yes.

What's Really in the "28 Pages" That Were Just Released by the Government on 9-11

Daniel McAdams writes:
Today we interviewed Brian McGlinchey of, the pressure group that has successfully pushed for the release of the classified 28 pages of the Senate 9/11 report. One of my favorite episodes thus far because it shows that one person can really make a difference! I am also thrilled that Brian will be speaking at the Ron Paul Institute’s September conference in Washington, D.C.

I Wonder What America First Libertarian Trump Fanboys Think About This

After Ted Cruz delivered is speech last night at the Republican National Convention, he tried to stop by the Sheldon Adelson booth. Adeslosn was once a BIG Cruz supporter, but last night after the speech, Adelson refused to allow him into the booth.

Andy Abboud, a senior aide to Adelson, said Cruz was initially invited to come up to visit the Adelsons, but when he failed to endorse Trump the invitation was rescinded.

"When he didn't endorse, they were stunned and disappointed," Abboud told CNN.

Donald Trump later stopped by Adelson's booth and Abboud tweeted this out:


Republican National Convention Day 3: Signs of a Trump Political Dynasty?

By Robert Wenzel

Day 3 of the Republican National Convention began with the focus remaining on Day One of the convention when Donald Trump's wife, Melania, delivered a speech that included plagiarized lines from a Michelle Obama speech.

Heroically,  a loyal staffer, Meredith McIver, took the hit and attempted to explain away the plagiarism as an accident by her, in true Rose Mary Woods fashion.

 Rose Mary Woods 
Woods, who retired after her boss, Richard Nixon, resigned from the White House, left Washington D.C. after the Nixon resignation and moved to Ohio, her home state, quite coincidentally the scene of the plagiarism.

With the mysterious McIver taking the hit, next up in the show, that PT Barnum would be proud of, was Ted Cruz. He, of course, launched a Cruz missile by taking plenty of speech time but not endorsing Trump. The crowd booed. So  much for the Great Negotiator's ability to keep Cruz in line. I hear the Chinese are tougher to deal with than Cruz.

Cruz's wife had to be escorted out under protection as the crowd yelled at her, "Go back to Goldman Sachs."  It is not clear if the chanting crowd was aware that Trump is considering a Goldman man for Treasury in a Trump administration.

It was reported that Cruz after his "vote with your conscience" speech headed to a donor booth and was dissed by those there, with one donor having to be physically restrained from attacking Cruz.

CNN political commentator David Axelrod stated that Cruz's refusal to endorse Trump was a calculated risk. For Cruz's sake, he better hope his calculations are better now than the failed calculated risks he took in the primaries, which have placed him in the role of a deep outsider at this nomination coronation.

I don't believe Trump has a short memory. If he is elected president, Cruz may come under investigations for many things---and his father may be taken in for questioning about his role in the JFK assassination, and waterboarded to make him talk. Who knows? Ted may even be taken in and have electric shock clips placed on his testicles that will be used in the new Trump administration expanded enhanced interrogation techniques to see if the old man told the kid anything about the JFK hit.

Eric Trump followed Cruz on stage and delivered a very impressive speech. We have now seen Trump's children (from wives 1 and 2) speak, Tiffany, Donald Jr. and Eric with Ivanka scheduled to speak tomorrow.

One gets the sense that these apparently naturally skilled orators, especially Donald Jr. Eric and Ivanka, have caught the political bug.

Regardless of how things turn out this November for their father, it is unlikely we have seen the last of these Trump kids in the political arena.

We may be witnessing the buddings of a political Trump Dynasty in the making. The media seems to like these kids. In many ways, they are the political real thing that the media portrayed the Kennedy kids to be when all that was left was the unassassinated (why bother?) boozing Teddy and the not well-adjusted cousins.

There seems to be little to no libertarian leanings in the Trump kids,so there is not a lot to cheer about from a libertarian perspective about a Trump Dynasty, except maybe that they are young enough that one of them might still discover and latch on to why real liberty is important. But if I was a betting man, I'd rather bet that by some miracle those still holding Trump Atlantic City casino bonds will receive 100 cents on the dollar, than that one of the kids turns libertarian,

Newt Gingrich followed Eric on stage and gave the type of speech you would expect. He saw terrorists ready to attack us from everywhere. I thought for dramatic effect he might take his wig off and shake a tiny terrorist out of it. But he settled for declaring with absolute inanity when you consider the nature of terrorism that "There is no success without victory."

The night closed with Trump's new vice-presidential pick Mike Pence, giving what one could call a Joe Biden-type speech. It was solid. He'll be a staunch supporter of Trump. will stay on message and won't be any trouble.

Trump came out after the speech and gave him a kiss.
Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of and Target Liberty. He is also author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics. Wenzel onLinkedIn

Who Will and Won't Appear at the Democratic Convention (First Look)

Demi Lovato, America Ferrera, Eva Longoria and Lena Dunham will all appear on stage in Philadelphia at the Democratic National Convention, reports The Hill.

Don't ask me who they are. outside of Eva Longoria, I don't recognize any of the names---and I barely know who she is.

Also, sources close to Hillary's campaign tell me that the tech guy who set up Hillary's at home server will not appear on stage.