Sunday, August 19, 2018

Bill Maher Blasts Lefties Cheering Alex Jonse Censorship

Good for Maher.

Maher's own lefty panel viciously went after him for his position. And before the audience had a chance to understand his position, they applauded the Jones censorship when Maher brought it up.



Saturday, August 18, 2018

The Mother of All Twitter Battles:Tom Woods versus Rapper Talib Kweli

There is a massive twitter battle going on between Tom Woods and rapper Talib Kweli.

Talin is apparently taking Tom to task for speaking in front of a southern group about 100 years ago.

A taste from the battle ground:
Tom Woods:You're used to dealing with people who debase themselves. Ohh, I'm white and this black rapper is angry at me! I'd better make him happy. Ain't happening. About time someone stood his ground against ignoramuses. You're used to dealing with people who debase themselves. Ohh, I'm white and this black rapper is angry at me! I'd better make him happy.
Tom should say he is willing to talk before any group, including the Black Panthers--in front of a picture of Angela Davis even though he doesn't agree with her communist position. He is a damn communicator of ideas. Why wouldn't he want to communicate his ideas of liberty to any group?


Trump Blasts Social Media Censorship

President Trump sent out these tweets this morning:

This is going to be a dilemma for those who have said that social media companies are not private

Advancing Liberty With $100 Million

Alex Zoumaras emails in response to my post, Are Americans Already Socialists?
If you did have the $100 million what do you think would be the best way to get DiLorenzo's and Ostrowski’s books in every nook and cranny of America?

My pea brain tells me that to make an impact these books would have to be in schools. This is a curriculum issue. The $100 million would be useful but would it be enough to grease the many school districts, colleges and university departments?
I am not sure I would take any one specific tact, and I would probably avoid the heavily government-influenced current school systems completely. I wouldn't really want the books associated with the horrific educations students are getting now which are really just part-time prisons.

I would use many marketing techniques to get the word out about the books and especially get students who might become strong second-hand dealers in ideas to become familiar with the books.

I would, for example, maybe launch annual $1 million youtube video challenges.

One million dollar challenge award would be for the student who best describes DiLorenzo's book via YouTube and another million dollar challenge award for the student who best describes Ostrowski's book via YouTube.

I would also perhaps run a weekly television challenge where a student advocate of socialism debates a student advocate of laissez-faire about one of the books. With votes at the end of the debate being cast by viewers. With $100,000 going to the winner of the vote and $5,000 going to the loser.

I would also cut a deal with Amazon to see to it that anyone who wanted the books could order physical paperbacks for free.

I could go on, but you get the idea.



Friday, August 17, 2018

Now the Twitter Account of Anti-War Lefty Caitlin Johnstone Has Been Suspended.


(ht  Jay Stephenson)

How Elizabeth Warren's Latest Legislative Proposal Would Pull Down Three Main Pillars of U.S. Corporate Governance

By Walter Olson
Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts has introduced legislation that would radically overhaul corporate governance in America, requiring that the largest (over $1 billion) companies obtain revocable charters from the federal government to do business, instituting rules reminiscent of German-style co-determination under which workers would be entitled to at least 40% representation on boards of directors, placing directors under a fiduciary obligation to serve “stakeholders” as opposed to owners as currently, prohibiting political expenditures by corporations unless approved by at least 75 percent of directors and shareholders, and restricting directors and officers from reselling incentive stock within five years. 
“Let’s be clear, none of these are new ideas,” writes leading corporate governance expert Stephen Bainbridge of UCLA. “They are either academic utopian schemes or failed European governance models. There are very good reasons none of these dusty relics of eons of progressive corporate thought have made it into law.” His series of posts picking it apart in detail begins here.
Our friend James Copland of the Manhattan Institute points out that Sen. Warren’s proposal would pull down three main pillars of U.S. corporate governance:

Breaking Down the QAnon "Codes"

This is pretty intense.



Understanding the Dangerous Growth of 'Democratic Socialism' in America

Some solid reporting by Kate Aronoff at InTheseTimes:
[Democratic Socialists of America] may soon have 50,000 members across 200 local groups in all 50 states—up from 6,000 members in 2015. The surge in freshly minted socialists came in three waves: First, those energized by Bernie Sanders’ primary run; second, those brought in by Donald Trump’s election and the Women’s March; and third, those inspired by 27-year-old DSA member Ocasio-Cortez’s primary victory in May over incumbent—and Democratic heavyweight—Joe Crowley...

 Members—most of them millennials, in small towns and big cities in every corner of the country—are engaged in everything from

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Is Social Justice Promotion on Its Way Out at ESPN?

It appears old school may be returning to ESPN after a move in the direction of social justice nonsense on the sports channel resulted in plummeting ratings.

ESPN is even in talks with Chris Berman about an expanded role for this NFL season, reports the New York Post. Could ESPN "go all the way?"

FCC Shuts Down Alex Jones Flagship Radio Station

This is a developing story. Return to this post for updates.


Via The Austin Statesman:

A "pirate" radio station that serves as host Alex Jones’ Austin flagship has been knocked off the city’s airwaves and the Federal Communications Commission has levied a $15,000 penalty that the station’s operators are refusing to pay.


A Socialist Sympathizer Realizes What Donald Trump Has Done for the Socialist Movement

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez 
By Robert Wenzel

Shadi Hamid writes at The Atlantic:
The election of Trump—and the populist upsurge he helped encourage—has confirmed that

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Chance of Being Murdered or Injured in a Terrorist Attack in the United Kingdom

By Alex Nowrasteh
On Tuesday, a Sudanese immigrant to the United Kingdom named Salih Khater crashed his car into cyclists and pedestrians in a terrorist attack in London. Fortunately, Khater did not murder anybody in his attack but he did injure three pedestrians, one of whom was so lightly wounded that he was treated at the scene and released. The other two wounded people have since been released from the hospital. 
Terrorism has been relatively common in the United Kingdom for decades, from the Irish Republican Army to al Qaeda to ISIS. However, there is little research on the actual risk of a British person being killed or injured in a terrorist attack. This post is an attempt to quantify that risk.

Rand Paul:The Sensible Lunatic?

Noam Chomsky was just interviewed by CounterPunch. Chomsky is full of coprolite on pretty much everything but foreign policy, so I guess Rand should take this comment made by Chomsky during the interview as

'Interesectional Feminist' Socialist Wins in Minnesota

Ilhan Omar
CNN  has just projected that Ilhan Omar has won the Democratic Paty nomination for  Minnesota's 5th District House seat being vacated by Rep. Keith Ellison (D).

Since there is no Republican Paty to speak of in the district, this all but assures that the Somalian-born hajib wearing socialist, who identifies herself on her Twitter profile as an "intersectional feminist," will gain the seat during the November mid-term elections.

Her economic policy positions are worst than