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Trump Spokesman: Chelsea Manning Commutation ‘Disappointing’

The nouveau totalitarians are bearing down on the White House.

Incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer called President Obama’s commutation of Chelsea Manning's prison sentence “disappointing,” arguing it sends a “very troubling message” on the handling of classified information.

President-elect Donald Trump "is troubled by this action,” Spicer told reporters  today at an in-person transition meeting.

(via The Hill)

How Close Are Donald Trump and Peter Thiel?

It appears that Thiel, the billionaire co-founder of PayPal, can walk into Trump's office anytime he wants.

From a report by New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin after interviewing Trump:
When I visited his Manhattan office Monday, he was more Zen than elevator music.

Days from his inauguration, Trump was the calmest man in America. Smiling, gracious, making jokes, laughing at mine, tossing off asides to an aide — if you didn’t know what he’s been through and the awesome responsibility he’s about to assume, you never would have guessed it...

At that point, Peter Thiel, the entrepreneur and philanthropist, walked into the office, and after brief bantering, I stood up to leave. I wished Trump Godspeed and walked out, uncertain of what I had learned.

Donald Trump Explains One Theme of His Presidency to Bring It Closer in Line With Banana Republic Style

From The Washington Post:
“Being a great president has to do with a lot of things, but one of them is being a great cheerleader for the country,” Trump said. “And we’re going to show the people as we build up our military, we’re going to display our military.

“That military may come marching down Pennsylvania Avenue. That military may be flying over New York City and Washington, D.C., for parades. I mean, we’re going to be showing our military,” he added.
I really hope there aren't any libertarian Trump fanboys that are going to attempt to defend this.


The Son in the Middle of the Intelligence War With Trump Reveals What Is Really Going On

Michael Flynn Jr is the son of Donald Trump's national security adviser, retired United States Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn.

Flynn senior is the closest intelligence adviser to Trump. He was formerly the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. He doesn't trust the CIA and the CIA doesn't trust him.

His son has a put out a tweet that links to a story by Thierry Meyssan titled: General Flynn’s Proposals to Reform Intelligence

This is where we learn what the intelligence community attack on Trump is really all about. It is self-defense from a Flynn reform plan that will rip the current intelligence community apart.

The story reports:
General Michael T. Flynn, the next US National Security adviser is in the process of organizing a radical overhaul of the Intelligence Services.

According to our sources, he is getting ready to challenge the big reforms that took place during the Bush and Obama years..


Michael T. Flynn was so disappointed with how the new CIA was working that he tried – in vain - to set up a service within the Defense Department to compensate for its shortcomings: the Clandestine Defense Service...


The nomination of Mike Pompeo as the next director of the CIA would have been conditional upon him agreeing to override the reforms brought into being under President Bush and Obama. Despite his extreme declarations – in favour of secret prisons and against the shi-ites - the Kansas representative and the former captain of the calvary, should behave like an obedient soldier.

The current director of National Intelligence, James R. Clapper announced that his role would end with President Obama. Thus his post should disappear.

The 16 agencies should no longer be accountable to the National Intelligence Director but only to the National Security Adviser. In other words, they will be accountable to General Flynn personally.
Remember, this report was tweeted out by Flynn's son. It is the real deal. Flynn is going to rip apart the current intelligence agencies---not to shrink intelligence activities but to put it more in line with his military thinking on intelligence.

This is not a shrinking of government. It is only a severe shift in intelligence command and control into the hands of Flynn. Since Flynn is very suspicious of Russia, China and Iran, it is not a move toward a more secure world.

It is a new madman in charge.


Schedule of Events for Trump's Inauguration

 Here's a look at the timeline of events.

Thursday, January 19

10:35 am - Performances begin at Lincoln Memorial. "Voices of the People," the first act of a day-long public concert, will feature groups such as the DC Fire Department Emerald Society Pipes and Drums, the Republican Hindu Coalition, high school marching bands, choirs and baton twirlers.

3:30 pm to 4 pm - Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence participate in a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery in honor of the nation's veterans.

4 pm to 6 pm - Trump will deliver remarks during the second act of the concert at Lincoln Memorial, dubbed the "Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration." The event, broadcast live nationally, will be headlined by country stars Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood and feature a fireworks finale.

Trump is expected to spend Thursday night at Blair House, the presidential guest residence across the street from the White House.

Friday, January 20

Morning - Trump, Pence and their families are expected to attend services at St. John's Episcopal Church, just steps from the White House.

Afterward, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama welcome Trump and his wife Melania to the White House for morning tea. The two couples will then travel together to the Capitol by motorcade.

9:30 am - Inauguration ceremony begins on the west front of the Capitol with musical performances.

Attendees will include members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, diplomats and the public. Former presidents Jimmy Carter, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton will attend, as will Trump's election opponent Hillary Clinton.

Former president George H.W. Bush is in frail health and will not be present.

Sixteen-year-old soprano Jackie Evancho will sing the national anthem. The Rockettes dance troupe will also be performing, at a time yet to be announced.

11:30 am - Opening remarks. Religious leaders will offer the invocation and readings.

Pence will be sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

Noon - Trump will recite the oath of office, administered by US Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. He will use president Abraham Lincoln's inauguration Bible, as well as the Bible that Trump's mother gave to him at his Sunday school graduation in 1955. Afterward, Trump will deliver his inaugural address.

12:30 Ceremony ends.

Afterward, in keeping with tradition, Trump and Pence will attend the Congressional Lunch in the Capitol.

3 pm to 5 pm - Inaugural parade. The newly minted president and vice-president make their way 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) along Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House, trailed by some 8,000 parade participants. They will include members of all US military branches, as well as high school and university marching bands, equestrian corps, first responders, veteran groups and even a tractor brigade.

7 pm to 11 pm - Trump, Pence and their wives will make appearances at three official inaugural balls, two of which will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center and the other at the National Building Museum. A number of semi-official and unofficial balls also will take place throughout the city.

Saturday, Jan 21

10 am to 11 am - Trump and Pence attend the interfaith National Prayer Service, held at the Washington National Cathedral.

(via AFP)

Valley Techies to Protest Outside Peter Thiel's Company Palantir

Silicon Valley engineers will protest outside the headquarters of data analytics firm Palantir Technologies Wednesday, demanding greater transparency over how its databases may be used by the incoming Trump Administration, reports the UK Register.

"Palantir and Peter Thiel should be held accountable for potentially enabling Trump's efforts to deport three million immigrants and create a Muslim database," reads the website set up to organize the protest.

Peter Thiel is cofounder of CIA-backed Palantir, and has become the main tech advisor to president-elect Trump.

Notes The Record:

 [T]wo databases that the company runs and manages for the federal government have given cause for alarm.

I see you
The Analytical Framework for Intelligence (AFI) pulls data from federal, state and local law-enforcement databases to create individual profiles and citizens thought to represent a risk are tracked. The database includes personal details, social connections and travel histories, according to documents.

The fear is that the same system can be used to develop the Muslim registry Trump promised on the campaign trail. As such, the protestors want Palantir to do as Facebook, Google, Apple and others have promised, and refuse to have anything to do with such a system.

Similarly, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office has paid Palantir tens of millions of dollars to create a system called Falcon that combines and analyzes databases covering family relationships, immigration, addresses, criminal records and employment information. Protestors are concerned that Falcon will be used by Trump's proposed "deportation force" to identify and eject people living illegally in the United States.

When details of both databases came out following research into Trump's possible policies, Palantir's CEO Alex Karp and Peter Thiel both denied they would develop a Muslim database. Thiel said "we would not do that," and Karp said: "If we were asked, we wouldn't do it."

But those responses are insufficient, claim campaigners who note that very little is known about the AFI and Falcon systems, how they work, and what policies apply to them.

"We are asking that Palantir [takes] precautions to ensure that abuse will not happen on its already-existing platforms, and to be transparent to the public about this process," the Dobetter site notes. "Thiel and Karp's statements of 'we would not do that' is a far cry from any reassurance that Palantir actually has mechanisms in place to hold itself accountable."

As such, protestors say that until Palantir discloses what steps it has taken or will take to prevent abuse of its systems, and makes "significant progress in transparency and accountability," they will refuse to work for the company and will "pledge to continue questioning Palantir's outsized presence and reputation in our community."

It's currently unclear how large the protest will be or how many have signed up to the "pledge," but a Facebook page set up to organize the protest on Wednesday currently has just under 400 people saying they are "interested" in attending and just over 50 saying they will attend.

Roger Stone: Medical Consensus Is That I Was Poisoned

This is a detailed follow-up to this original story: BREAKING Roger Stone Says He Was Poisoned by Polonium or Something Like It

Former Trump adviser Roger Stone was recently targeted for assassination, he revealed on the Tuesday edition of the Alex Jones Show.

The renowned Republican operative says he’s usually very healthy, but became violently ill unexpectedly several weeks ago.

“I am generally a healthy person. I have been a runner and a weight lifter. I am very careful in my diet,” Stone told radio host Alex Jones.

Stone went on to describe that his symptoms presented themselves first as a “routine stomach virus,” but that he eventually grew “exceedingly ill.”

“So I ultimately went to the doctors at Mt. Sinai hospital in Miami Beach, my own personal physician. They conducted extensive blood tests. Those blood tests were passed on to CDC.”
“The general consensus is that I was poisoned,” Stone says.

“I was poisoned with, they now say, a substance that may have been polonium or had the characteristics of polonium. This made me exceedingly ill. The conjecture of all the doctors was that I did not receive a large enough dose to kill me, but I have never been this ill.”

Polonium is a radioactive substance that releases extremely harmful alpha particles throughout the body producing cancer-causing free radicals. It has been used in numerous high profile assassinations, including that of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, and was suspected in the death of former PLO leader Yassar Arafat.

Here's the full Stone interview with Alex Jones:


(via Infowars)

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

EGAD The Donald Trump Inauguration Poem

President-elect Donald Trump's inaugural poem has been published.

 The poem is titled "Pibroch of the Domhnall," the piece is inspired by Trump's Scottish ancestry ("Domhnall," the Scottish form of the name Donald, is pronounced like "TONE-all," the author notes) and was written by the poet Joseph Charles MacKenzie.

The Week comments:

You would be forgiven to mistake him for a satirist, though. Here is an actual stanza from the poem:
But for all his great wisdom, the braw gallant man
Is matched by his children, the handsome Trump clan,
And the flower of Europe, Melania the fair,
Adds a luster and grace with her long flowing hair.
May they flourish and prosper to form a great crowd
Around the good Domhnall, the best of MacLeod! 
 MacKenzie adds in his notes that "the refrains at the end of each stanza are to be recited by the Inaugural crowd," like some sort of medieval "long live the king!" "MacLeod" is a reference to Trump's mother, Mary Anne MacLeod. And while a Scottish lyric poem might seem strange to inaugurate an American president, Trump declared in 2008, after visiting the cottage where his mother grew up, that "I feel Scottish."

The poem also blasts President Obama as a "tyrant" that Trump has come down from his "tower" to defeat:

Come out for the Domhnall, ye brave men and proud,
The scion of Torquil and best of MacLeod!
With purpose and strength he came down from his tower
To snatch from a tyrant his ill-gotten power.
Now the cry has gone up with a cheer from the crowd:
"Come out for the Domhnall, the best of MacLeod!"
At least Mayou Angelou poems didn't make any sense. This poem makes too much sense. It is King worship. It's a damn ode to a central planner.


Breaking: Obama Has Commuted Chelsea Manning's Sentence

President Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning.

The commutation calls for Manning to be freed on May 17th of this year rather than the year 2045.

BREAKING Roger Stone Says He Was Poisoned by Polonium or Something Like It

(ht Felix Bronstein)


Glenn Greenwald warns:



Roger Stone: Medical Consensus Is That I Was Poisoned

Will Donald Trump Break an Executive Order Record?

My bet is that he will issue far more than President Obama, but we will know we have a major league authoritarian in charge if he surpasses FDR's record. And don't think for a minute that a sizable number of EOs from Trump will mostly be in the direction of liberty.


Understanding The Obama to Trump Transition

Limos and Accordians, Presidential style from Michael Boland on Vimeo.

Marines Land in Norway (First Time Since World War II)

Some 300 U.S. Marines landed in Norway on Monday for a six-month deployment, the first time since World War Two that foreign troops have been allowed to be stationed there, in a deployment which has irked Norway's Arctic neighbor Russia, reports Reuters.

 The deployment coincides with the U.S. sending several thousand troops to Poland.

U.S. troops are to stay in Norway for a year, with the current batch of Marines being replaced after their six-month tour is complete.

A spokesman for the Norwegian Home Guards, who will host the Marines at the Vaernes military base, about 1,500 km (900 miles) from the Russian border, said the U.S. troops will learn about winter warfare.

"For the first four weeks they will have basic winter training, learn how to cope with skis and to survive in the Arctic environment," said Rune Haarstad, a Home Guard spokesman. "It has nothing to do with Russia or the current situation."

Rock Band 'Green Day' Drops Anti-Trump Music Video

It's a social justice warrior themed video and I expect much more like this.


Bottom Line: It's going to beTrumpistas versus Social Justice Warriors, not a great time for libertarians.


Monday, January 16, 2017

Sully vs. The Government

This weekend online via Amazon, I watched the movie Sully, which is the story surrounding the emergency landing in the Hudson River of the US Air plane captained by  Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger.

The event of the landing in the river is probably familiar to most of you. What is less likely to be familiar is the attempt by the National Transportation Safety Bureau to crucify Sully for his heroic landing.

Using "flight simulation models," the NTSB claimed that Sully could have safely flown the plane to LaGuardia airport in New York or the smaller Teterboro airport in New Jersey and that the landing in the Hudson River was unwarranted.

The NTSB also questioned the claim by Sully and his co-pilot that the second engine of the plane was damaged.

Directed by Clint Eastwood, more than anything, this is a tale of what happens when a government agency, in this case likely in league with the airplane manufacturer, attempts to get its hooks into someone.

Sully's skillful navigation of the agency that was out to get him is superbly told in this film with Tom Hanks, as Sully, doing an excellent job of portraying what the pressures must have been like on Sully as the NTSB bore down on him.


Trump: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The latest from the mind of Donald J. Trump.

The Good:
The Bad:

The Ugly:

Integrated Bus Suggestions From Martin Luther King (Not Exactly BlackLivesMatter-Type Advice)

On December 19th of 1956, the eve of the Supreme Court mandated end to segregation on buses, Martin Luther King prepared a list of guidelines for those boarding the buses.


This is a historic week because segregation on buses has now been declared unconstitutional. Within a few days the Supreme Court Mandate will reach Montgomery and you will be re-boarding integrated buses. This places upon us all a tremendous responsibility of maintaining, in face of what could be some unpleasantness, a calm and loving dignity befitting good citizens and members of our Race. If there is violence in word or deed it must not be our people who commit it.

For your help and convience the following suggestions are made. Will you read, study and memorize them so that our non-violent determination may not be endangered. First, some general suggestions:
  1. Not all white people are opposed to integrated buses. Accept goodwill on the part of many.
  2. The whole bus is now for the use of all people. Take a vacant seat.
  3. Pray for guidance and commit yourself to complete non-violence in word and action as you enter the bus.
  4. Demonstrate the calm dignity of our Montgomery people in your actions.
  5. In all things observe ordinary rules of courtesy and good behavior.
  6. Remember that this is not a victory for Negroes alone, but for all Montgom¬ery and the South. Do not boast! Do not brag!
  7. Be quiet but friendly; proud, but not arrogant; joyous, but not boistrous.
  8. Be loving enough to absorb evil and understanding enough to turn an enemy into a friend.
Now for some specific suggestions:
  1. The bus driver is in charge of the bus and has been instructed to obey the law. Assume that he will cooperate in helping you occupy any vacant seat.
  2. Do not deliberately sit by a white person, unless there is no other seat.
  3. In sitting down by a person, white or colored, say "May I" or "Pardon me" as you sit. This is a common courtesy.
  4. If cursed, do not curse back. If pushed, do not push back. If struck, do not strike back, but evidence love and goodwill at all times.
  5. In case of an incident, talk as little as possible, and always in a quiet tone. Do not get up from your seat! Report all serious incidents to the bus driver.
  6. For the first few days try to get on the bus with a friend in whose non-violence you have confidence. You can uphold one another by a glance or a prayer.
  7. If another person is being molested, do not arise to go to his defense, but pray for the oppressor and use moral and spiritual force to carry on the struggle for justice.
  8. According to your own ability and personality, do not be afraid to experi¬ment with new and creative techniques for achieving reconciliation and social change.
  9. If you feel you cannot take it, walk for another week or two. We have confidence in our people. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

 This letter, along with 124 other pieces of correspondence, can be found in the bestselling book, Lists of Note.

FBI to Martin Luther King: Go Kill Yourself

Writes Letters of Note, in November of 1964, fearful of his connection to the Communist Party through Stanley Levison, the FBI anonymously sent Martin Luther King the following threatening letter, along with a cassette that contained allegedly incriminating audio recordings of King with women in various hotel rooms — the fruits of a 9 month surveillance project headed by William C. Sullivan. Unsurprisingly, King saw the strongly worded letter as an invitation for him to take his own life, as did an official investigation in 1976 which concluded that the letter "clearly implied that suicide would be a suitable course of action for Dr. King."

The transcript of the letter:
In view of your low grade, abnormal personal behavior I will not dignify your name with either a Mr. or a Reverend or a Dr. And, your last name calls to mind only the type of King such as King Henry the VIII and his countless acts of adultery and immoral conduct lower than that of a beast.

King, look into your heart. You know you are a complete fraud and a great liability to all of us Negroes. White people in this country have enough frauds of their own but I am sure they don’t have one at this time that is any where near your equal. You are no clergyman and you know it. I repeat you are a colossal fraud and an evil, vicious one at that. You could not believe in God and act as you do. Clearly you don’t believe in any personal moral principles.

King, like all frauds your end is approaching. You could have been our greatest leader. You, even at an early age have turned out to be not a leader but a dissolute, abnormal moral imbecile. We will now have to depend on our older leaders like Wilkins a man of character and thank God we have others like him. But you are done. Your “honorary” degrees, your Nobel Prize (what a grim farce) and other awards will not save you. King, I repeat you are done.

No person can overcome facts, not even a fraud like yourself. Lend your sexually psychotic ear to the enclosure. You will find yourself and in all your dirt, filth, evil and moronic talk exposed on the record for all time. I repeat — no person can argue successfully against facts. You are finished. You will find on the record for all time your filthy, dirty, evil companions, male and females giving expression with you to your hidious abnormalities. And some of them to pretend to be ministers of the Gospel. Satan could not do more. What incredible evilness. It is all there on the record, your sexual orgies. Listen to yourself you filthy, abnormal animal. You are on the record. You have been on the record — all your adulterous acts, your sexual orgies extending far into the past. This one is but a tiny sample. You will understand this. Yes, from your various evil playmates on the east coast to [redacted] and others on the west coast and outside the country you are on the record. King you are done.

The American public, the church organizations that have been helping — Protestant, Catholic and Jews will know you for what you are — an evil, abnormal beast. So will others who have backed you. You are done.

King, there is only one thing left for you to do. You know what it is. You have just 34 days in which to do (this exact number has been selected for a specific reason, it has definite practical significant. You are done. There is but one way out for you. You better take it before your filthy, abnormal fraudulent self is bared to the nation.

This letter, along with 124 other pieces of correspondence, can be found in the bestselling book, Letters of Note.  Including a letter from Gandhi to Hitler.