Friday, March 29, 2019

Further Comments on Libertarian Tactics

Excellent, Robert,
 But I would be surprised if Mr. Koechlin posts this in the comment section of the article, or if indeed it would make an edifying impression on him.
My intention was not to make an impression on Koechlin. It was to use his comments as a tool to discuss the incorrect point he was making about libertarianism. That is to help clarify things for those interested in the topic.  And as a second goal to write for someone googling  Koechlin or Common Dreams or whatever to come across the post.

The promotion of libertarianism is a multi-dimensional game. One has to think beyond the obvious.

At the post, The Libertarian Violations of Jussie Smollett, Rob writes:
It is debates like this that turn people off to libertarianism. Smollett is a shitbag. Splitting hairs about whether or not this is a NAP violation is pointless, nobody cares other than the few here commenting. He attempted to dupe the media/public to gain publicity and further is political and personal ambitions. Shitbag. No need to continue the debate. In a perfect world libertarian society, this man would be cast out as a piece of shit and it wouldn't take 14 comments to come to that conclusion.
The discussions here at Target Liberty are not aimed at the masses. They are aimed at the vanguard of the liberty movement, where preciseness about what libertarianism should be is discussed so that we can make our arguments, clearer and stronger.

As for the masses, just getting them to recognize private property as sacrosanct with a live and let live mentality would be fine with me.

Finally, the commenter appears to hold some views about libertarianism that are incomplete and the type of thing we aim to straighten out here. Being a "shitbag" has nothing to do with libertarianism. A person making up tall tales from his own property would certainly be allowed under NAP--except if it directly led to coercion against another. "In a perfect world libertarian society, this man would be cast out as a piece of shit," not at all. He would be able to do any nutty thing he would want to do on his property.

So, see, the discussion is leading to enlightenment about libertarianism.

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