Tuesday, April 13, 2021

FDA Halts Use of Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Due to Blood Clotting


The Food and Drug Administration said this morning that it is asking states to temporarily halt using Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine “out of an abundance of caution” after six women in the U.S. developed a rare blood clotting disorder.

“Right now, these adverse events appear to be extremely rare,” the FDA said in a joint statement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “COVID-19 vaccine safety is a top priority for the federal government, and we take all reports of health problems following COVID-19 vaccination very seriously.”

All six cases occurred in women between the ages of 18 and 48, with symptoms developing six to 13 days after they received the shot.

The CDC will convene a meeting of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices on Wednesday to further review the cases, federal health regulators said Tuesday. The FDA is also investigating the cases.

Last week, Europe’s medicines regulator said it found a possible link between the coronavirus vaccine developed by AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford and rare blood clotting issues. AstraZeneca has not received authorization for use in the U.S.


Biden's Infrastructure Bill Includes Making Neighborhoods Across America "Diverse"

Your new neighborhood

Don't get too comfortable in your peaceful suburban home.

The Biden administration wants to stick urban-style low-income projects in your backyard.

The focus of  President Joe Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill is allegedly to address aging infrastructure across the country, but the massive bill covers a vast amount of other spending, including money for diversifying neighborhoods, notes Breitbart.

The diversification portion of Biden’s American Jobs Plan would change zoning laws to end single family home neighborhoods and allow for multiple unit “affordable” or low-income rental housing to be built in those neighborhoods.

According to the White House Fact Sheet, the housing effort is “an innovative new approach to eliminate state and local exclusionary zoning laws, which drive up the cost of construction and keep families from moving to neighborhoods with more opportunities for them and their kids”:

For decades, exclusionary zoning laws — like minimum lot sizes, mandatory parking requirements, and prohibitions on multifamily housing — have inflated housing and construction costs and locked families out of areas with more opportunities,” the fact sheet states. “President Biden is calling on Congress to enact an innovative, new competitive grant program that awards flexible and attractive funding to jurisdictions that take concrete steps to eliminate such needless barriers to producing affordable housing.

 Reuters reported on the shift from free markets to government control:

President Joe Biden is seeking to ease a national affordable housing shortage by pushing local governments to allow apartment buildings in neighborhoods that are currently restricted to single-family homes.

The $5 billion plan could inject the White House into a debate pitting older homeowners against younger workers seeking to gain a foothold in the most expensive U.S. cities, where many families spend a third or more of their income on housing.

The proposal, which would provide financial incentives to local governments that change zoning laws restricting many neighborhoods to single-family homes, is an example of the sort of broad social policy changes Democrats are including in Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure bill.

Bottom line: This is an outgrowth of the cultural Marxist movement that is accelerating in America. It is no longer about gaining quality living standards through hard work and excellence. It is about "equity," which means to the cultural Marxists to just give to everyone, except white males, the best of everything by way of handouts.

It is difficult to see how such a society can survive in the long run where incentive is eliminated and rewards are dished out to "victims." Who is going to spend time working hard just to see that the rewards of that hard work are taken away and handed out to the whining class? 

This is LBJ's Great Society program on steroids. 

LBJ's program split-up the black nuclear family with disastrous results, now the cultural Marxists want to place LBJ's unproductive members in the middle of what is left of the productive class.

How is that going to work? 

Instead of freeing up those crushed by LBJ policies, they are going to be put in the middle of the productive class to do what?  Bring destructive behavior to what is left of civilized society?

Middle America better wake up before it is completely destroyed.


Monday, April 12, 2021

Nikes and Pizza for Justice!

 Looting is going on in Brooklyn Center (near Minneapolis) after coppers shot a 20-year old black youth.


These Are the Kinds of Pilots You Are Going to Get on United Flights Now That It Is Going on a Woke Pilot Hiring Spree

Scott Kirby

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby is deep in the woke ether.

I doubt there is another executive in the airline industry that is as woke and as enthusiastic a supporter of big lefty government as he is. 

A few facts about him and what occurs under his reign at United:

  • From Inc.com: Over the past couple of weeks, Kirby has stepped out in front of his competitors at other airlines -- and frankly, in front of most of corporate America -- by saying he wants United Airlines to make the Covid-19 vaccine mandatory for all United employees...American, Delta, and Southwest Airlines; each confirmed that it has no current plans to make the vaccine mandatory for employees.
  • United Airlines and Southwest are the only airlines that require an ID to fly. It is literally easier to get past  TSA agents than United "flight attendants." (TSA accepts some excuses. United has zero tolerance for those without ID on them.)
  • United Airlines issued a political statement and called Georgia's new voting law "wrong" and claimed it "infringes on the right to vote of fellow Americans."
We are talking authoritarian and woke. Early in his career, Kirby worked at The Pentagon as a budget analyst for the United States Secretary of Defense for three years, at the time Dick Cheney headed the Defense Department. Maybe this is where he picked up his authoritarian streak. Curiously, Kirby does not list his time at Defense on his LinkedIn bio.

And then, of course, there is this latest announcement from United under his leadership:

Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on board our planes every day. That’s why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color. 

This is the one that is most concerning. 

John Green explains why this latest woke move by Kirby could be dangerous:

To fully appreciate the flaw in United’s decision, it’s important to understand the reasoning of the diversity industry.  When I was an engineering manager, I had occasion to hire a number of new engineers.  To ensure diversity, our HR department would be intimately involved in the hiring decisions.  Their reasoning was that any person that met the job requirements could do the job.  They had no recognition that a person with greater capabilities may do the job better.  The qualifications were to be treated as strictly binary -- the person could either do the job or not.

Since I was prohibited from looking for the best candidate, I was required to make selections from the remaining pool of qualified candidates, based on various diversity hiring criteria.  It was presumed that a person with greater qualifications/capabilities wouldn’t provide added value over those who were merely qualified.  Therefore, as the hiring manager I was not permitted to seek competitive advantage by hiring the “best.”  As long as a candidate could do the job, and met diversity criteria, that was good enough.

I have no doubt that any qualified pilot can fly from point A to point B and land an airplane.  However, the danger in diversity thinking becomes apparent when the job differs from the routine.  In 1983, Captain Bob Pearson had the unfortunate experience of being the command pilot of a Boeing 767 that experienced total engine failure.  He did something that the Boeing engineers said was impossible -- he glided the plane, without power, to a landing with no injuries.  The plane became known in the aviation community as the Gimli Glider.  It turns out Captain Pearson’s qualifications exceeded those required of airline pilots.  He was also a highly experienced glider pilot.  In this case, was having the “best” somewhat better?

A more recent example is that of Captain Sully Sullenberger.  In 2009, shortly after takeoff from New York City, Captain Sullenberger’s Airbus A320 experienced a double bird strike.  After total engine failure, Sully successfully landed the aircraft on the Hudson River with no casualties.  It became known as the miracle on the Hudson.  It turns out that Captain Sullenberger’s qualifications exceeded the minimum requirements for airline pilots.  In addition to being an experienced Air Force pilot, he earned an advanced degree from Purdue University (my alma matter), was an accident investigator for the NTSB, and was an expert in the psychology of air crew functioning during a crisis.  That last item may not be very important during a pilot’s normal day at the office, but it comes in rather handy when landing on a river -- no?...

The reality is that employees are not interchangeable components of a machine.  Organizations, both business and government, are living and breathing organisms in which the quality of the individual components matter.  Having people that exceed the minimum requirements provides value.  If you question that statement, consider the relative value that football players provide to their team.  Did Tom Brady’s movement to Tampa Bay have any impact on either the Patriots or the Buccaneers?  The next time you board a plane, do you want Tom Brady at the controls -- or is Johnny Manziel good enough?

Kirby doesn't want the best pilots, he wants the pilots that will make him look like a woke hero.

Think about that the next time you are boarding a United flight and gaze into the cockpit to see who is going to be flying. 


Sunday, April 11, 2021

COVID Harassment Agents Chased Out of a Business in Ontario, Canada

Patrons weren't taking any of the harassment agents' coprolite at The Simmering Kettle in Ontario, Canada.

To see the action, click here. It's definitely worth watching.

Fighters for liberty are slowly emerging.


(ht David Burns)

Massive Canadian Police Presence to Stop Religious Worshippers From Gathering

 First the worshippers:

Then the police: And the skirmish: At this point, visible authoritarianism is much greater in Canada than in the United States.


Trained-Marxist BLM Co-Founder Goes on Crazed Multi-Million Dollar House Buying Spree

Patrisse Cullors

Oh, Mama!

Self-described 'trained Marxist' and co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors, is cashing in capitalist-style on her hustle. 

She has bought 4 homes in the United States for a total of $3.2 million and, according to The New York Post, "eyed property in the Bahamas at an ultra-exclusive resort where Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods both have homes...Luxury apartments and townhouses at the beachfront Albany resort outside Nassau are priced between $5 million and $20 million, according to a local agent."

According to The Dirt, one of the U.S. houses she bought is "a secluded mini-compound tucked into L.A.’s rustic and semi-remote Topanga Canyon [that] was recently sold for a tad more than $1.4 million to a corporate entity that public records show is controlled by Patrisse Khan-Cullors." The property has a separate guest cabin.

The census demographics for the area show 88 percent of residents are white and 1.8 percent black.

Her other homes are owned jointly with her lesbian lover Janaya Khan.

In her memoir, Cullors wrote that she became a Marxist at an early age,“It started the year I turned twelve. That was the year that I learned that being black and poor defined me more than being bright and hopeful and ready.”

Of course, her wealth, a combination of her BLM leadership (BLM took in $90 million last year, her book deals and movie production deals, proves the Kirznerian point that contra-Marx you don't need to start off with wealth to accumulate wealth.

She is obviously living a Kirznerian lifestyle, not a Marxist lifestyle---at the same time she is making money by denying the Kirznerian lifestyle is accessible to blacks. As the Marxists would say, "Talk about an internal contradiction!"


Another Study on the Dangers of Mask Wearing

Dr. Baruch Vainshelboim, of the Cardiology Division, Veterans Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System/Stanford University, has published a new paper, Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis.

From the conclusion:

The existing scientific evidences challenge the safety and efficacy of wearing facemask as preventive intervention for COVID-19. The data suggest that both medical and non-medical facemasks are ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of viral and infectious disease such SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19, supporting against the usage of facemasks. Wearing facemasks has been demonstrated to have substantial adverse physiological and psychological effects. These include hypoxia, hypercapnia, shortness of breath, increased acidity and toxicity, activation of fear and stress response, rise in stress hormones, immunosuppression, fatigue, headaches, decline in cognitive performance, predisposition for viral and infectious illnesses, chronic stress, anxiety and depression. Long-term consequences of wearing facemask can cause health deterioration, developing and progression of chronic diseases and premature death. Governments, policy makers and health organizations should utilize prosper and scientific evidence-based approach with respect to wearing facemasks, when the latter is considered as preventive intervention for public health.

Key graphic in the paper:


Should Libertarians Be Pessimistic About the Future?

Target Liberty reader JA emails a follow-up to my posts: 
How to Choke the Woke and Does an Anti-Mask Flash Mob at a Grocery Store Make Any Sense?

Subject: Woke resistant tactics

I'd love to hear more about these in addition to the two you've shared publicly on TL:

1. keep your head down

2. don't break the law

Thanks for all you do!

RW response:

The attack on liberty is extremely aggressive right now.

Doug Casey recently commented:

Wokeness, diversity hiring, PC, and the rest of it are working to destroy capital. The destruction won’t be immediate, of course. But Americans who think it’s a good idea now will regret it soon enough and for the rest of their lives.
Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it except try to insulate yourself from its worst aspects and raise hell when you hear people talking nonsense—which won’t make you any friends in the days of Cancel Culture.
It’s important to speak out about these things actively as opposed to just grumbling and allowing the bad guys the moral high ground. You’ve got to challenge these things wherever possible.
Right now, you can still challenge these things, but it’s increasingly risky. People are now getting fired from their jobs if they hold non-PC views—and it’s likely to get much worse for the foreseeable future.
We’re actually moving—devolving—into the same kind of world that existed in the Soviet Union.
I think it’s too late to try and change the trend. In a way, resistance is futile. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t resist, simply because you have to live with yourself.

It is difficult to not agree with Casey's pessimistic take. 

That said, there are two points I want to make that hint at a possible chance (maybe 10%) that we come out on the other side of current madness relatively unharmed and with more liberty.

The first point is that Austrian school economists know full well that the world is very complex so it is very difficult to predict the future with anything close to a complete degree of accuracy, so there is the possibility that there will come a twist where the direction changes toward liberty. I admit this is a very thin reed of hope, all the visible facts point to big-time trouble ahead.

The second point is that I fully believe a concerted effort to advance liberty is possible and that it could be successful. But it would have to be a well-thought-out plan.

As for the details of a campaign to bring back liberty, it really does not make sense to detail the program in a public forum like this.

Suffice to say, in one sense, it is not as daunting as it appears. You don't have to flip most people that are woke. They are sheep. They can be flipped if you can flip the super-viral spreaders of ideas.

Many of the super-viral spreaders are weak and can be flipped pretty easily. I am talking about woke CEOs and media types. These aren't grand thinkers. They are opportunists and posers. The right approach can stop them from promoting nonsense. Above them are the real power-hungry people who understand what they are doing. It is a little more difficult but I think they can be neutralized also.

Again, it makes no sense to discuss details on a forum like this but the idea that the entire woke movement, which is massive right now, needs to all be flipped is a mistake in thinking. That is where the heavy pessimism comes in. You have to target the nuclear spreaders so to speak. But it has to be done with precision and smarts. We are outnumbered and not in control of things right now.

What we need is a hardcore libertarian(s) with great organizing skills to step forward, if you are one of these people, email me.

As for the idea of keeping one's head down, it is about not doing reckless things that are just going to make life more difficult for yourself and not accomplish a lot to advance liberty.

If you work at a firm where a lot of woke stuff is going on and the job is important to you then a lot of anti-woke agitation at work doesn't make much sense. If on the other hand, the job isn't important to you and there is not a lot of downside to going counterrevolutionary anti-woke at your job, then let it rip.

The idea is that you need to understand your personal position in terms of the big picture and when to display your counterrevolutionary spirit. Sometimes it makes sense to do so, other times it makes sense to remain a sleeper.

The left understands this, indeed the inner circle of hardcore left protesters adjust for this even during street-level protests. When they know they are going up against police, they set up three rings of protesters. Those that are willing to be super aggressive against the police (or opposing protesters) and are not afraid of getting arrested are put on the front line, a second row of protesters behind the first group aren't afraid of getting arrested but are not super agitators, the third row, the last row behind the scenes, consists of protesters that have outstanding warrants or for other reasons don't want to be arrested under any conditions.

Keep your head down, means understand where you are, your personality, what the risk is and what you are willing to tolerate.

As far as committing crimes, I really don't think it makes much sense. Even the lefty radical Saul Alinsky understood this.

Alinsky was a very skilled major league lefty rabble-rouser, who influenced both President Obama and Hillary Clinton. In his book, Rules for Radicals, he was always calculating, even when it came to protests that could put you in jail. He wrote:

At the same time, the revolutionary leaders should make certain their publicized violations of are  so selected that their jail terms are relatively brief, from one day to two months. The trouble with a long sentence is that (a) a revolutionary is removed from action for such an extended period of time that he loses touch, and (b) if you are gone long enough everybody forgets about you.

I think he is correct, though I would advance the point further and say that any time in jail because of a protest is wasted time.
Be careful out there. Don't take yourself out of the game. The idea is to make things difficult for the evil ones, not the other way around.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Heroic Restaurant Owner in Burbank Defies Lockdown Orders

This was a few days ago:


There is an awesome protest supporting the owner going on right now outside the restaurant:



The Provincial Health Officer for British Columbia on Mask Wearing

These people are nothing but mentally ill government power freaks.

They will attempt to wield as much power as they can get away with. 


SABRIN: "After being a nearly 70 year Yankees fan who has watched innumerable TV games, I will no longer watch Yankees' games. "

In response to Major League Baseball politicizing the All Star game and pulling it from Atlanta, Murray Sabrin emails:

Players should stick to sports.  That's what they get paid to do.  If they want to be political activists they should do so on their own time.  The hypocrisy is wide and deep.  Are ball players refusing to play in Atlanta against the Braves?  Will the Braves be forced to move out of state?  This is pure wokeism run amuck and it does not end well.  After being a nearly 70 year Yankees fan who has watched innumerable TV games, I will no longer watch Yankess' games.  


Police Visit Wentz at His Home In California

This is a little too close for comfort.

An anti-war activist by the name of Ryan Wentz was visited by California Highway Patrol officers after he published a tweet criticizing Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Grayzone reports:

As he waited for a food delivery at his home in Los Angeles on April 8, Ryan Wentz, an anti-war activist and producer for the online viral program Soapbox, heard two men calling his name from over his front gate. When he approached, he realized they were not delivery drivers, but police officers flashing badges of the California Highway Patrol.

The cops informed Wentz that they had received a call from the Capitol Police, the federal law enforcement agency tasked with protecting the US Congress, about a tweet he had sent that allegedly threatened Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Wentz told The Grayzone, “The officers said, ‘We got a warning about a sitting member of Congress. And it was because of your tweet, which tagged them in it.’ And then they just wouldn’t back down from this accusation that I threatened to kill her.”

These are the two tweets that sparked the police response: 

Here is more reporting on the incident from Tucker Carlson (starts at the 5 minute and 11-second mark)



Walter Block: The Guitar Man of Liberty

I have written about this before, Walter Block is The Guitar Man of Liberty.

Here is more proof.

Tommy Raskin, the son of Congressman Jamie Raskin, committed suicide in the early months of the mad COVID-19 lockdowns.

During the memorial service for Tommy, his mother, of all things, told a Walter Block story (starts at the 43 minute and 38 second mark).

This is amazing, this is Dr. Block.


Friday, April 9, 2021

Now Karl Rove Throws Some High Fastballs at the Woke Major League Baseball Commissioner

Following a nice takeout in The Wall Street Journal of the woke baseball commissioner Rob Manfred by the former commissioner Fay Vincent (See: Former Baseball Commissioner Slams Current Baseball Commissioner Over All Star Controversy), Karl Rove has stepped to the mound.

It is not often that Rove is going to pitch against an establishment player often but the issues align for him to throw against the commissioner of baseball in that Manfred's All Star attack against Atlanta was at one level aimed at the Republican Party which is all that Rove is concerned about. He sees it as a power play against Republicans.

Despite the reason, Rove, in a Journal article, made some cogent points given that, in this case, cogent points made sense for him to use:

Major League Baseball Commissioner Robert D. Manfred Jr. will regret his decision to move the All-Star Game from Atlanta in response to Georgia’s new election laws. He’s dropped his sport into a red-hot controversy, based on imaginary facts and flawed assertions.
Put another way, Mr. Manfred doesn’t know what he’s talking about.
He says, “Major League Baseball fundamentally supports voting rights for all Americans and opposes restrictions to the ballot box.” So say we all. But that statement provides no legitimate reason to relocate the All-Star Game to Denver. To show why, I’ll build on points I made in my columns last week and the week before.
Major League Baseball’s offices are located in Manhattan and the commissioner, a native of Rome, N.Y., lives in the Empire State. Why is that relevant? Georgia has no-excuse absentee voting by mail, but New York state doesn’t. New Yorkers must be absent, ill or disabled, a primary caregiver of someone who is ill or physically disabled, or in jail awaiting grand-jury action or sentencing to get a mail-in ballot. Neighboring Connecticut has similar restrictions: Only those Nutmeg State voters who are in the military, ill, absent, disabled, have religious objections or are working at the polls can vote by mail. Where’s Mr. Manfred’s crusade to ensure that Yankees and Mets players and fans and baseball staff in New York and Connecticut have the same voting rights as Georgians?
Similarly, Georgia has a robust early-voting period, expanded by the new law to 17 days, with two optional Sundays. New York has only eight days of early voting, while neighboring Connecticut and New Jersey have none. You’d think the woke commissioner would speak out against these “restrictions to the ballot box,” but you’d be wrong.
If Mr. Manfred’s concerns were authentic, he’d condemn states such as Missouri, which has two major-league teams—the Royals and the Cardinals—but doesn’t allow no-excuse absentee voting or early voting. But he won’t.
There’s no early voting in Michigan, so you’d think he’d work to ensure every Tiger fan “participates in shaping the United States,” which he said he wants for “everyone.” But again, he won’t.
Ohio and Pennsylvania each have two pro baseball teams, yet neither state has early voting. Minnesota has the Twins and Wisconsin the Brewers, yet no early voting. While Massachusetts allowed no-excuse vote by mail in 2020 because of the pandemic, it expires June 30. And Red Sox fans across the border in New Hampshire must have an excuse to vote by mail and there’s no early voting. When will Mr. Manfred speak out against all this voter suppression? Or is Georgia the only state worthy of his condemnation?
Sen. Marco Rubio slammed Mr. Manfred in a letter Monday, asking if he’d remain a member of the exclusive Augusta National Golf Club, since it is located in Georgia; end baseball’s profitable engagement with China and Cuba, which certainly don’t hold free elections; and terminate the major leagues’ “lucrative financial relationship” with Tencent, a Chinese company with close ties to the Communist Party.
The commissioner has yet to respond.

This is how the woke crowd should be dealt with, high fastballs. 

These guys are posers. They are not going to lean over the woke plate if they know the high fast ones are coming. Vincent and Rove have taught us how to throw those pitches.


Thursday, April 8, 2021

A COVID-19 Vaccine Tip

This afternoon I had lunch with a medical doctor friend.

He tells me, but not officialy, that he doesn't trust any of the COVID vaccines BUT if anyone "has to" take one, he would recommend the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. He says they use the old technology that is used for flu vaccines.

According to him, all the others use the new mRNA technology.

To trigger an immune response, many vaccines put a weakened or inactivated germ into our bodies that is what the J&J COVID vaccine does.

The others use the mRNA technology which teaches our cells how to make a protein—or even just a piece of a protein—that triggers an immune response inside our bodies.

But then there is this about the "safest" one. From the New York Post:

A North Carolina county paused COVID-19 vaccines at a local immunization site on Thursday after 18 people had “adverse” reactions to Johnson & Johnson’s single-dose shot — after a site in Colorado did the same thing a day earlier.

Wake County halted vaccine operations at the PNC Arena in Raleigh following the incidents “out of an abundance of caution,” officials said.

More than 2,300 Johnson & Johnson vaccinations were administered at the clinic Thursday and EMS evaluated 18 patients, Wake County said.

Fourteen of those people had “minor reactions” and were treated on site, while four others were taken to area hospitals for evaluation. They were expected to be released.


Trump Endorses Rand Paul

Former President Trump just endorsed Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) for reelection.

Trump issued the following statement:

Rand Paul has done a fantastic job for our Country, and for the incredible people of Kentucky. He fights against the Swamp in Washington, the Radical Left Liberals, and especially the destructive RINOS, of which there are far too many, in Congress.

Rand will continue to stand up for our great AMERICA FIRST policies because he believes in stopping wasteful spending, defending our Second Amendment rights, and taking care of our Military and our Vets,. I am proud to be working with Rand in our battle to Make America Great Again. He has my Complete and Total Endorsement for another term in the U.S. Senate.

This is good to see.

I think Rand truly understood Trump in a limited way, better than anyone else in politics.

Anything that Trump did in a limited-government fashion during his reign, you can be sure Rand was behind the scenes pushing for the effort.