Monday, November 18, 2019

Does Speaker Pelosi Have Any Idea as to What the Hell She is Doing?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
By Robert Wenzel

The mainstream media claims that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a very strong leader of the House Democrats, but you really have to wonder.

There have been indications that Pelosi has never wanted an impeachment hearing. Indications are that she was pushed into it by the loud screaming young socialists in the House and the hardcore Trump-haters, which, of course, include Shiffty Schiff.

But if Pelosi is such a strong leader, why wasn't she able to shut down this runaway impeachment inquiry that could lead to disaster for the Democrats?

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Lionel Nation: Judge Napolitano Is an Impeachment Hoaxer Quisling

Judge Napolitano
Judge Napolitano continues to be put under the microscope after his seeming 180-degree turn against President Trump.

David Bauder at AP last week analyzed the switch in an article titled, Fox legal analyst Napolitano emerges as Trump critic.

Then Brion McClanahan, the important historian and author of The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution, took a measured look at Napolitano's analysis. He was trying to be polite to the judge but it was devastating:

Protesters Burn Down Iranian Central Bank

On Saturday the CIA protesters burnt down a branch of the Iranian central bank in the town of Behbahan.




Saturday, November 16, 2019

Pope Francis Weighs Adding ‘Ecological Sin’ to Church Teachings

Pope Francis said he is strongly considering adding the category of “ecological sin” to the Catholic Church’s official compendium of teachings, reports The Wall Street Journal.

This Pope is a very confused social justice warrior who jumps on any fad.

The Roger Stone Song: When You Mess With A Clinton

The technicalities that they went after Roger on, they could have gone after just about anyone in the Bush or Clinton administrations. But all those operators played ball with the establishment, Roger didn't.

This is why they went after Roger. He went after all of them. He exposed everything:

Friday, November 15, 2019

BREAKING: Roger Stone Found Guilty of Lying to Congress, Witness Tampering

Multiple updates below including Stone's fear he will be Epstein'd in jail

This is a developing story. Return to this post for updates.


How Maura Tierney Prepared to Play a CIA Operative Who Oversees Waterboarding


CONFIRMED Paul Krugman is a Hardcore Member of the Resistance [To Trump]

Last night, to celebrate the opening of impeachment proceedings against President Trump, Kathy Griffin posted a photo on Instagram of a party the writer Molly Jong-Fast hosted for boldface members of the Resistance at her Manhattan apartment in May, reports Vanity Fair.

It turns out that Paul Krugman was part of the resistance party and he was captured in the photograph.

Just keep that in mind whenever he makes an absurd defense, in his New York Times column or on Twitter, of some Democrat.

It's a role he has signed up for, and truth is not the specialty of this crowd. They all understand Leninist tactics and hold the belief that it is ok to lie to advance the cause.


Thursday, November 14, 2019

Tulsi Gabbard, What Does Being a ‘Woman of Color’ Have To Do With It?

By Adam Dick

Last week I wrote about an apparent contradiction between Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) talking up her 16-plus years in the United States Army and her criticizing certain US military interventions overseas in a recent interview at the ABC show The View. Since her criticism of such interventions is at the heart of her presidential campaign, I suggested that it would be helpful for Gabbard to offer an explanation to dispel the apparent contradiction.

Tulsi Gabbard on The Destructive Foreign Policy of Both Hillary Clinton and George W. Bush

Oh, if Tulsi just understood economics.


Should We Fear the Grandchildren of Illegal Immigrants?

In response to the post, The Truth About Immigration and Homicide Rates in New York City: 1850 – 2017, where Alex Nowrasteh reports on data that shows there is a negative relationship between immigration and crime in the United States, a commenter writes:

Escape From Social Justice Warrior Hell

Michael Rectenwald in his book, Springtime for Snowflakes: “Social Justice” and Its Postmodern Parentage, reports on his life inside the belly of the Social Justice Warrior movement.

That is, he holds a  Ph.D. in literary and cultural studies from Carnegie Mellon University, a Master's in English Literature from Case Western Reserve University, and a B.A. in English Literature from the University of Pittsburgh and has been a professor.

For those of you that haven't been keeping track, the literary and cultural studies departments in major colleges and universities are the centers of the social justice warrior movement.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

This is What You Should Be Doing Instead of Watching the Impeachment Hearings

I had a chance to watch the new Oliver Stone production, Revealing Ukraine, last night.

After you watch it, you will think President Trump deserves a medal for trying to uncover the shady goings-on in Ukraine that involved an American driven coup of the democratically elected Ukranian president and the shady operations to help Hillary Clinton in her 2016 presidential election bid, not to mention the crony stuff the Bidens were up to.

As I have written before. I see nothing wrong with Trump proposing a quid pro quo to get to the bottom of what was going on in Ukraine. (SEE: The Impeachment Show Inquiry: An Assessment).

After you watch this documentary, you will wonder why Trump isn't going even more aggressively to expose what has been going on in Ukraine with American operatives.

Well, there is good news. Once the impeachment show is over, friends tell me Trump is going to hit back nuclear style exposing the Democrats and their sinister operations in Ukraine.

Watch the film here:

The Just Elected San Francisco District Attorney is the Socialist Adopted Son of Former Weather Underground Leader Bill Ayers and He Is Not Going to Prosecute Public Urination

Chesa Boudin
David Gilbert, a founding member of Columbia University Students for a Democratic Society and member of the Weather Underground, sits in a maximum-security prison in upper state New York in the Wende Correctional Facility.

He is serving a, 75 years to life, sentence for being a member of the Weather Underground group who, along with members of the Black Liberation Army, robbed a Brink's truck on October 20, 1981.

Two Nyack, NY  police officers Waverly Brown and Edward O'Grady and Brinks guard Peter Paige were murdered during the getaway part of the robbery.

Prison has apparently not mellowed Gilbert. He has a book out which he wrote in prison, No Surrender: Writings from an Anti-Imperialist Political Prisoner.

At the time of the robbery, Gilbert had a 14 months old boy. The mother of the boy, Kathy Boudin, also took part in the robbery and served a 22 years sentence.

With both Gilbert and Boudin sentenced to long terms, Weather Underground leaders Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn adopted the toddler, Chesa Boudin.

But Chesa's interesting lineage does not start with his radical parents nor with Ayers.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

BIG: New Oliver Stone Production "Revealing Ukraine"

The new Oliver Stone production, Revealing Ukraine, is out.

I haven't seen the documentary yet but a friend who is very familiar with what is going on in Ukraine tells me it is spot on.

Here are two Amazon reviews:

The Impeachment Show Inquiry: An Assessment

By Robert Wenzel

The United States House of Representatives will begin the public phase of its impeachment inquiry against the president this Wednesday.

The Democratically controlled House has lined up a number of witnesses for the inquiry.

It appears the Democrats will not call for testimony any of the potential witnesses that the Republicans have requested to be brought before the hearing.

It is going to be a Democratic Party directed and controlled production.

What can we expect?

Monday, November 11, 2019

How Not To Be a CIA Propagandist

A Ron Paul Symposium was held in Lake Jackson, TX.

 Ron Paul Institute executive director Daniel McAdams delivered a particularly powerful and important talk titled, "How Not To Be a CIA Propagandist."

This is the best talk I have ever come across that explains, based on current events, the nature of United States regime change wars and interventions, and the accompanying propaganda.

And most important, McAdams tells us what we should do about it.

 Find the time to watch it.

 (Starts at roughly the 1 hour and 39-minute mark):

The State of the Socialist Advance

Socialists are very strong when it comes to political strategy and it shows. Most libertarian activists not so much.

And this:

The Truth About Immigration and Homicide Rates in New York City: 1850 – 2017

By  Alex Nowrasteh

Research from 1994 to 2014 has generally found that there is a negative relationship between immigration and crime in the United States. According to those and other findings, all immigrants have a lower criminal incarceration rate and there are lower crime rates in the neighborhoods where they live. Even recent research on illegal immigration and crime has found a negative relationship.