Thursday, August 9, 2018

A Few Comments on My Emergency Alert

The post, Emergency Alert, where I ask readers to supply me with their email and postal addresses has resulted in a couple of comments and emails that I would like to address.

There was this from a commenter:
Lol. When they truly come after you, your .com will be seized as well and they will deny you access to any top level domain names.
Please don't insult my intelligence. I have thought of workarounds.

Then there is this:
No need for you to worry. The attacks are against the perceived "Alt-Right". This is because those guys are a clear threat to the Leftist powers that be, they don't just talk they punch faces when needed.

Yeah right. Hayek's theory of second-hand dealers has no place. The views of Hayek, Ayn Rand, Mises, Rothbard and even Keynes were wrong when they stated that it is ideas that ultimately rule the world. You are going to punch your way to freedom?

Tell you what, I'll go watch baseball on TV and just email me when you have punched them all out.

And an emailer writes:
It seems like you could download your email list from the email service.
Yes, but some might not want the daily emails that are part of the email service. I am really storing the contact info sent to me in a "vault" and leaving it there. No one will hear from me unless it is an emergency. That said, I hope I never have to use it. It's being done out of an abundance of caution.

I should note that I do at this point face minor league harassment now and then. I will occasionally get a YouTube video demonetized and I will maybe once a quarter get a notice from Google Adsense that they are pulling ads off a given page until I remove some content.

There is some other monkey business that might be going on with my sites but it is a more difficult to determine definitively.



  1. You are completely missing my point. I am not punching anyone. The Alt-Right is willing and proving themselves ABLE to COUNTER attack. For decades the Left has gone into the streets with no one there to oppose them. This has gained them actual power where it counts.

    I am not criticizing your ideas, I agree with them. It is your methods that are ineffective. The proof is in the pudding. Hayek and the others have been around for a long time, and their arguments are right. Yet have you been winning? Are libertarians growing? Are they turning the tide? Has there even been one example of diminishing the Left's virtual stranglehold of State power? Please show me just one occasion when libertarians beat back any expansion of the State? What good is winning the debate if it does not advance your agenda?

    Libertarians are not growing, even worse you think purging your already thin ranks of those like me for lacking "pure" orthodoxy is some how a good thing. Meanwhile the Alt-Right, which wasn't even a thing just a few years ago, is growing and effective. This being proved by the desperate and obvious orchestrated attempts to ban them from "polite" society. If they were not a threat none of this would be happening. There are no push backs against libertarians or their web presence precisely because you do not represent a real threat to the left's agenda. You never have.

    Again, I agree with your intellectual theories and conclusions. But it has not stemmed the growth of Leviathan or those who control it. The truth is that in this evil world it is violence, or the threat of violence, that gets actual results. This is not what I like or agree with but it is just a simple fact which I am remarking on. The Left certainly understands this and operates as such with the results of advancing their agenda.

    If they are willing to kill you to get their way how far are you willing to go to not let that happen?

    1. You are speaking in inconvenient truths a ware. They no longer fly. There is always a way forward peacefully.

      I am told I am crazy when I start asking where the line in the sand is for the alt-anything. Most dont have a line and are not willing to meet force with like force and that is what it will boil down to.