Friday, March 9, 2018

Home Schooling for College Students?

A panel discussion on free speech was sponsored by the Ayn Rand Institute and Berkeley College Republicans and held last night on the Berkeley College campus.

Steve Simpson, the director of Legal Studies at the ARI, was solid in linking speech with private property and criticized those who want to regulate Google and Twitter.

Heather MacDonald, who is the Thomas W. Smith Fellow at the Manhattan Institute, perhaps only half tongue-in-cheek said that things were getting so bad on college campuses from a social justice warrior perspective that soon college students would have to be homeschooled to get a decent education.

She also said that if President Trump really wanted to slow down China's economic growth that he should drop a planeload of social justice feminists over Beijing.

 -Robert Wenzel 


  1. I still maintain that Google and YouTube are violating their express terms of service with their censorship campaign against non-conformist opinions. They are breaching their contracts with their customers for which there should be a fast, fair and efficient remedy in court. In The Fountainhead, Howard Roark had an agreement with the builder which precluded the builder from deviating from Roark's plan in building the housing project. When the builder deviated from the agreement, Roark blew up the housing project.

    YouTube is free to draft terms of service which preclude videos criticizing left-wing thought, U.S. war crimes, Obama, Democrats, and Antifa. However they have yet to do that.

    1. Terms of Service =/= a Contract

    2. Until there is freedom of association for all, I don't think these social media platforms should be allowed to discriminate. If these left wing fanatics think it's great that a Christian baker has to make a fag wedding cake, then they should have to let "nazis" and racists use their websites.

    3. What everyone seems to forget is these platforms are a voluntary process. If you dont like the direction they are going in feel free to get your 15 seconds of fame elsewhere.

      The exception to that is when thought leaders (yes thats what they are,) see an impact on their bottom line that is suddenly related to arbitrary enforcement of terms not originally agreed to or changed without notice, the platform should be held accountable and enjoy punitive damages.

  2. Evan Smiley - every court in the country would disagree with you, which is not to say that certain clauses of a TOS might be unenforceable

  3. This all started for me when left wing feminist (but great on foreign policy) Caitlin Johnstone wrote this:

    When you tell an establishment Democrat that Google’s hiding and removal of content is a dangerous form of censorship, they often magically transform into Ayn Rand right before your eyes.

    “It’s a private company and they can do what they like with their property,” they will tell you. “It’s insane to say that a private company regulating its own affairs is the same as government censorship!”

  4. Also, Caitlin (excellent on foreign policy) Johnstone has been suspended for a week on Twitter for defending herself against people claiming she's being paid by the Alt-Right for her Ron Paul-like positions. This is her podcast and I have not actually seen the offending tweet. How can I get paid by the Alt-Right?