Friday, March 9, 2018

FACT Communism Has Worked in Every Country It’s Been Tried In

George Regnery writes:
Communism has worked in every country it’s been tried in. There’s likely a perfectly functioning communist society within a few hundred yards of you right now.

People call these entities “ant hills”. Other communist societies are called beehives.

For humans, communism has never worked.

(ht Michael Edelstein)


  1. So that’s why Moa, Lenin, Castro, Kim … treated the people they ruled over like insects.

  2. Even with humans, communism seems feasible in sufficiently small groups. A family, for example, has some elements of communism. As most likely did primeval hunter-gatherer tribes.

    On a macro scale and among strangers, it’s a disaster.

  3. I'm still waiting for the 5yr plan to be published by the ACPC*

    *Ant Central Planning Committee

  4. It depends on one's definition of "worked." I'm sure Lenin, Mao, Stalin, Kim, etc. had as their objectives enriching themselves and controlling the entire population to support them. Ergo, it "worked." For those worker dupes who thought it was going to benefit them, not so much.

  5. Ant hills aren't communist. There is no central planning, neither is there central planning in a beehive. Contrary to popular belief, the "Queens" do not dictate orders, they are just there to breed. The ants and bees operate according to their own instincts. As Rick alluded to, no ant plans or directs ant hill movements neither does any bee. Still, however, there exists a complexity and resilience that could not arrive through planning. Sound familiar?

  6. No ants in Antarctica... but it's a continent not a country.

  7. I don't even think you need to even be
    tongue in cheek about it with the insect comparisons.

    Communist state run economics always results in economic chaos which always leads to ultra violent outcomes. So yes, communism has worked everywhere it was tried. Tom Woods has a great recent podcast episode along these lines as well.