Saturday, March 3, 2018

Another Indication They Are Heading Toward 'Trump is Mentally Unfit'

 -Robert Wenzel 


  1. The Swamp critters are really not used to dealing with someone like Trump. For one thing, Trump for all his flaws, truly has the best interests of the American people in his heart. That concept is utterly alien to the Swamp Creatures. The other thing is that Trump is a showman at heart. He shoots from the hip to see what sticks, and loves to trigger his adversaries, which he is very good at.

  2. Dear Mr. Trump. I have the answer to your problems.
    Andrew Napolitano as your chief of staff, and make him the head of the Justice department.
    While you are at it, just make Ron Paul secretary of defense, and treasury.
    Or save yourself a lot of hassle, and make the Judge the head of all your internal stuff, and get rid of everyone else, and make Dr. Paul the secretary of every department.
    It may be hard on them for a few days, but when the departments are slashed to nearly nothing, their job will be pretty easy.
    And at the very least, these 2 wouldn’t back stab you.
    Not to mention, the MSM would suddenly think you are a moderate fellow compared to the radical extremist they make the Judge and Paul out to be.
    Just trying to do my part.

    1. Trump recently tweeted Napolitano, and he lives in a Trump building and visited with him after the election, it was reported.

      as an aside the judge is Godfather to one of Tom Wood's daughters, I thought that was interesting .