Saturday, March 3, 2018

What Trump Is Going to Do If the Democrats Win Control of the House in the Mid-Term Elections

Gideon Rachman of the Financial Times sat down for lunch at Mar-a-Lago with President Trump's close personal friend Newsmax Media founder and chief executive Chris Ruddy.

Two things stand out about Rachman's long read recounting of the lunch. Ruddy appears very concerned about the Robert Mueller investigation and Trump is probably a Democrat at heart that will flip to Democratic positions if the Democrats gain control of the House.

From the essay:
To my slight surprise, Ruddy thinks the investigation is a real threat to the presidency. “Mueller is a dedicated prosecutor, it’s in his blood,” he says, claiming that Trump “has only got two lawyers”, compared to Mueller’s huge team. “I don’t believe for a second there was any collusion with the Russians,” he continues. “The president is on safe ground there and he knows he is on safe ground . . . But I think if Mueller unwinds the Trump presidency, it’s going to have nothing to do with that . . . It’s like the Kenneth Starr investigation [into Bill Clinton]. It started with the Whitewater land deal and then it morphed . . . Once you go after people and start uncovering every business deal they had . . . ”
 People like me, who regard the Trump presidency as a hideous aberration, can be sweet-talked by this reasonable-sounding man. “People think [Trump] is ideologically rigid, but he’s really not,” he says. “He was a Democrat until quite recently.” Looking ahead, he envisions the president reaching across the aisle. “If the Democrats win the House, Trump might find more of his inner Democrat,” he says. “There’s a lot he agrees with them about.”
  -Robert Wenzel 

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