Thursday, January 11, 2018

VIDEO: Ann Coulter Realizing Trump Has No Fundamental Principles

I have to give Crazy Ann one thing though, she does stand on her principles as nutty as they may be. She wants Dreamers out and she is going to be screaming about it for the rest of the Trump presidency.

Unlike many libertarians who fail to attack Trump on his many positions that deviate from libertarian principle.

Trump is bad news.



  1. >Trump is bad news.

    And the alternative is... Adam Kokesh?

  2. --- She wants Dreamers out ---

    You better believe it. She told John Stossel and professor Benjamin Powell that she would only find immigrants from Great Britain or the Netherlands acceptable. Which means: she does not want brown people to even try. Stossel and Powell told her she was being a racist. Which is her principle, when you get down to it.

  3. The brown people are worthless Torres like you. We need white Europeans, that the half breeds that even the mostly white leadership of Mexico and the countries to the south do not want. You are very stupid about culture.

    1. Re: The Lab Mismanager,

      --- We need white Europeans ---

      So much for "America Foist!"