Thursday, January 11, 2018

16-Year-Old Brooklyn Boy Fights Off Robber Who Pulled Gun on Him

Government protection is largely a myth.

Urban primitives understand this, but once and awhile they can get surprised--by the real thing.

Note: I once fought off a mugger at 4:00 AM in the Chicago Loop section, but he was smaller than I was and looked a lot more scared than I was. But my general rule is: Don't try this on the street, unless you know how to fight and very certain you can take the guy. Give up the money. The money you give up will be a lot less than government squeezes out of you.



  1. Very stupid, to fight for the gun like that (and obviously very ineffective). He's lucky to be alive. And lucky for him, the thug practiced smart gun-safety by keeping his finger outside of the trigger guard---otherwise, the victim would be dead I'm sure.

  2. I foiled a mugger too once. A crackhead had a butcher knife, and held it to my throat as I was putting groceries in my car at 10:00 at night. After handing over my money and stuff, I just grabbed a plastic bag full of frozen meat, and followed the mugger all throughout the streets and neighborhoods, for a couple of hours, keeping about 50 feet distance between us the whole time. I was young, lean and fast, and each time the mugger turned my way and came toward me, I easily kept distance between us. I was yelling and shouting the whole time, trying to attract attention, and also telling the mugger "I'm going to dog you all night, until we get to where you live, or you give-up!" Sure enough, before long, they were begging me to leave them alone! Eventually a concerned citizen (among the throngs of apathetic, uncaring citizens) called the cops, and the mugger was caught.

  3. Bob, will you come here to Utah and tell the idiots who surround me this? (By "this" I mean that government protection is a myth).

    The amount of cop-worship that goes on here in this state is disgusting.

    1. The first chapter of my forthcoming book, "Foundations of Private Property Society Theory" is "The Necessity of Government is a Myth," Chapter 12 is "Police Protection in a Private Property Society."