Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Most Interesting Endorsement of "Crisis and Leviathan" by Robert Higgs

Murray Rothbard called the 1987 book Crisis and Leviathan by Robert Higgs "a blockbuster of a book."

He went on to say that it was "one of the most important of the last decade. It is that rare and wondrous combination: scholarly and hard-hitting, lucidly written and libertarian as well."

Nobel laureate James Buchanan said of the book, "an important, powerful and profoundly disturbing book."

But the most interesting comment about the book may now be this one. The comment appears on the inside cover of the 2012, 25th anniversary, edition. :

"I just read Crisis and Leviathan. Wonderful Work! I will try to stem the tide of emergency on Capitol Hill with your inspiration!"

It is signed: Mike Pence, Governor of Indiana and former U.S. congressman.



  1. Can you provide a photo of this?

    1. The publisher claims this:

  2. Puuuleeze...Pence must have written and uttered the phrase: "I will try to stem the tide of emergency on Capitol Hill with your inspiration!" to millions of people. Just because he happened to put these words on a libertarian book is meaningless. Words, words, words...they get politicians elected and sometimes provide an income for writers but are otherwise useless. I do love Prof. Higgs writing but have come to believe it serves only as personal entertainment for me.

  3. Another great economic history book from Higgs is "Depression, War and Cold War". Highly recommended.