Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Iranian Situation Will Turn Real Bad Under Donald Trump

Michael S. Rozeff writes:
Anti-Iranism in the U.S. government has been strong for years and years. It is still strong. The latest evidence of this is that Trump has surrounded himself with several rabid anti-Iranites...
At long last, Obama and five other world powers (the governments of Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany) “have agreed to lift all UN sanctions on the Islamic Republic— once Iran abides by a set of nuclear-related commitments.” And it has.
Trump and his crew of anti-Iranites threaten to torpedo the agreement in one way or another, as opposed to building peace upon its foundation.
There is no need to worry about Trump being anti-Semitic. What’s of far more urgency is that his administration is much more anti-Iranite than Obama’s, and that Congress remains firmly a bastion of anti-Iranism.
Any talk of war against Iran in order to prevent its ever developing a nuclear weapon or to prevent its being a threat to Israel or its neighbors reeks of a kind of hatred and hostility that is far, far from rational and that would be willing, under certain conditions and stimuli, to make war against Iran...
For Trump to jettison the work of Iran in conjunction with the six major powers because he thinks it’s a “bad deal” for not tying Iran’s hands 10 years down the road is wrong. The right way to proceed is to use these 10 years to build conditions that defang the warmongers on both sides, within Iran and within the U.S. The main work to be done by the U.S. government in this respect has to be within this country, because this is where it governs. There is no evidence that this is what Trump intends. Taking us back to square one will prove impossible. The Iranians will likely bolt any re-opening of talks so soon after the agreement has been erected and it has abided by its terms. The situation in that case will end up worse than it ever was, and U.S. warmongers will be riding high.
Rozeff is correct. At a minimum I expect the Trump administration to attempt to destabilize the current Iranian regime if not launch an outright war.

This is in addition to Trump putting U.S. combat troops in the Syria/Iraq region to fight ISIS and adding reinforcements in Afghanistan.

In the EPJ Daily Alert, I am telling readers to prepare for a War Economy.


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