Monday, August 1, 2016

Yet Another Billionaire Slams Trump

The billionaires sure are scared of Donald Trump.

As I have said, Trump is sure smoking out the establishment and how they operate.

This time, it is Warren Buffett getting smoked out and going after Trump.

He is challenging Trump to reveal his tax returns and Buffett says he will reveal his if Trump does.

Buffett knows full well that Trump is not going to take him up on this challenge. It would be insane for Trump to publicly reveal his tax returns given the way the media is going after him.

It is a dishonest move by Buffett.

Indeed, Gawker in the story it reports on the Buffett challenge provides an example of how it distorts Trump.

Gakwer writes about Trump not releasing his returns.:
Trump has previously refused to release his tax returns because they are currently under audit, an explanation the IRS has basically dismissed as bogus.
But Trump has never said he can not legally release his returns. It is rather that the media would nit pick and distort everything in the filing, possibly putting pressure on the IRS to look more harshly at his claims.


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  1. Billionaires, Robert?

    I'M scared of El Trumpo and his economic incompetence!