Monday, August 1, 2016

Humayan Kahn was No Hero, and His Father Doesn’t Know What’s in the Constitution

By Thomas DiLorenzo

The corpse of the dead Muslim-American soldier that the Democratic Party used as a political prop at Killary’s coronation, Humayan Kahan, was no hero, as senile old John McCain claims. He was a pawn of the military-industrial complex who died for nothing in an offensive war of conquest that had nothing to do with defending America.  The same goes for all the Vietnam War deaths that McCain has built his political career upon.  Nor is his father, a Saudi/Clinton Foundation-connected political weasel, a constitutional expert as he claims to be.  The old man held one of those Cato Institute pocket constitutions up and claimed that Donald Trump has never read it since he opposes open borders.  Well, Mr. Saudi/Clinton Foundation insider, for your information there is nothing in the Constitution that guarantees open borders.  The government determines the requirements for citizenship, but that is different from saying that anyone on earth has a right to enter the country and immediately put himself and his twenty or so closest family members on welfare, supplemental social security, etc. etc.  And besides, what a JOKE that ANY Democrat at the Killary coronation would pretend to be a Thomas Jefferson-style strict constructionist on the constitution!

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