Thursday, August 4, 2016

Fareed Zakaria: Trump is a Bullshit Artist

The ferocity with which the Establishment elite in the media are going after Donald Trump is something quite remarkable to observe.

The more bold the attack, the closer to the epicenter of the Establishment the media tool seems to be.

Which means, Fareed Zakaria is very near the epicenter.

The CNN and WaPo contributor just wrote this at WaPo:
A few days ago, I was asked on CNN to make sense of one more case in which Donald Trump had said something demonstrably false and then explained it away with a caustic tweet and an indignant interview. I replied that there was a pattern here and a term for a person who did this kind of thing: a “bullshit artist.” I got cheers and boos for the comment from partisans on both sides, but I was not using that label casually. Trump is many things, some of them dark and dangerous, but at his core, he is a B.S. artist.


  1. Since the Establishment has made it obvious that Hillary is their chosen candidate to maintain the status quo, what happens if she gets elected and everything goes to shit? Putting aside the interest rates that Yellen has to raise at some point and the Obamacare premiums that will go up in November, there's a good chance the economy is going to sink again anyway. If that happens, Hillary will become the Marie Antoinette face of the establishment to an angry public that will know who got her elected and won't be buying the lies they were told in 2008.

    1. They just will say "Atleast that Rat Bastard Trump didn't get elected. Just think of the mess we would be in."

    2. Re: JayS,

      I would much rather things go kablooey on her ugly face with people blaming her and her policies than having things go under under an El Trumpo regime with people blaming Capitalism.

  2. Hillary's bullshit is honey-coated.

  3. I'm so glad hard hitting journalists with the utmost integrity are really letting Trump have it ;)