Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Deep State Against Trump: The Disposable Tools They Use

Charles Burris writes:

As the regime media narrative concerning the Muslim Gold Star father Khizr Khan unravels and self-destructs almost by the hour (see here, herehere) it is becoming more apparent that he is just another duplicitous (and disposable) tool of the subterranean deep state and their psychological warfare adjuncts above ground. Like “Nayirah,” and Private Jessica Lynch, his televised emotional words and hastily manufactured persona became an overnight media sensation to drive home a specific narrative. But the immediate impact and impression of their images, however later proven totally spurious and disingenuous, is what remains in the consciousness of the mass public. Propaganda is not about truth but about creating a desired stimulus and response.
Nothing must stand in the way of the deep state’s concentrated effort to discredit and eliminate Donald Trump by any means necessary...They are engaged in an all-out, full court press against him, using all their regime media disinformation assets in attack mode.
RW note: I think we are seeing an internal Deep State battle. Some are anti-Clinton, some are anti-Trump.

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