Thursday, August 4, 2016

Trump Is Getting Destroyed...

...since he turned his focus to non-Genghis Khan--and wouldn't focus elsewhere.

This was strategically idiotic.

As Newt Gingrich said, Trump should focus only on hitting President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and no one else.

He will need some serious help with more heavy duty Clinton email leaks to recover. Does Assange have the material it will take?



  1. One other thing that bothers me to the point that I find it disturbing is that Trump does pathologically lie. Even when I supported him in the primaries I found it disconcerting. He made up the story about the Muslims in New Jersey celebrating after 9/11 and just this week he claimed to have viewed a secret video of the plane delivering $400 million to Iran. It's not true.

  2. Hillary was eminently beatable. But Trump has been flailing wildly at mosquitoes instead of draining the swamp. He's been fighting fleas instead of going after the rat on which the fleas are breeding.

    He's seventy and clowning around like a four-year old.