Thursday, June 2, 2016

The Death of Bill Kristol

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment reached by Donald Trump since he announced his presidential run is his killing off of the idea that Bill Kristol is some kind of significant political commentator and political operative.

Kristol's anti-Trump initiative has fallen flat on its face. Kristol has been at the center of anti-Trump letters signed by top Washington insiders. He has been influential in cover magazines denouncing Trump. He has launched a stream of non-stop anti-Trump rhetoric. And he has even visited the motherland for support and shekels. None of this has caused the Trump train to even slow.

Remarkably, Kristol has not even been able to stop the politicians he formerly controlled, Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle, from becoming Trump supporters.

In his latest attempt at stopping Trump, he is considering putting in front of the nation a third party candidate by the name of David French.

French has about as much name recognition with the American people as Zhou Xiaochuan and would be about as attractive to the American people as Jocelyn Wildenstein .

Here's the Republican reaction to the Kristol choice: French, Proposed Conservative Alternative to Trump, Draws Tepid Response.

This is something to contemplate. Kristol has proven ineffectual, despite the fact that most of the establishment and elite would gladly jump on board a campaign that appeared to have a chance at derailing Trump.

Krsitol's anti-Trump campaign has exposed him as the intellectual leader who has no following and no true political skills.

R.I.P. Bill Kristol




  1. All because he wants Hillary to win without actually voting for her.

  2. And he did it all that from his home base in the Mid-Wes..... er, I mean, the Mid-East

  3. ALL of Kristol's wealth should be distributed to the Troops maimed and crippled in the ILLEGAL war the LYING little TRAITOR propagandized America into.

  4. From what I have seen from Kristol over the past couple of years, he has brought a lot of discredit on himself. He really doesn't need any help from Trump.

  5. The would be emperors, i.e. the Neocons, have no clothes, and
    quoting Moshe Dayan, Bill "the rabid dog" Kristol has no teeth.
    Its not the death of Bill Kristol, its the sun setting on the Necon world.
    The chosen century has come to an end in 2016.

  6. I cannot understand why Trump would visit with Karl Rove, war criminal and War Wimp, an unholy alliance?

    1. Because King Chump is a member of the same clique. All you King Chump lovers are probably going to find out the hard way. I see all this King Chump bashing as part of the skit, written by the think tanks that are owned and operated by the clique. They also write the scripts for Queen Swillary and Obama. Do the research and you will find out.