Thursday, June 2, 2016

When Donald Trump Told Rudy Giuliani He Was Fantastic

NYT reports:

From early on, he seemed to intuitively grasp the potency of his praise when lavished on like-minded men.
In the 1990s, Mr. Trump occasionally fawned over New York’s brash mayor,Rudolph W. Giuliani. In one letter, Mr. Trump tore out a page from a magazine interview in which he had called Mr. Giuliani “the greatest mayor that the city’s ever had.” In case Mr. Giuliani missed the homage, Mr. Trump drew two bold arrows, each pointing at the glowing passage, and reiterated the message in a handwritten note: “Rudy, you are the greatest!” he wrote, adding, “see you soon.”

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  1. The obligatory "I'm not a Trump fan", but this seems more like the cronyism of a man that needs the mayor on his side to continue to get his sweet treatment by the city government than anything that indicates what a Trump presidency might be like.