Thursday, June 2, 2016

BREAKING Judge Orders Government to Turn Over Documents It Has on Justin Raimondo

Oh, this is going to be fun.

 In 2011, learned  it was being monitored, along with Justin Raimondo, founder and editorial director at and Eric Garris, founder and webmaster at, by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Subsequently, after their Freedom of Information Act request failed to produce documents relating to the monitoring, the site joined the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California in filing suit.

In May 2013, a freedom of the press lawsuit for full FBI records on, Eric Garris and Justin Raimondo was filed. The judge's order relates to this on-going court case.



  1. will you ever know you have all the documents? What if records were destroyed? Doubt they would release anything too embarrassing

  2. Meanwhile, various well known Conservative figures who should know better keep telling us what a mountain of integrity James Comey is. Just when you think Retardpublicans can't get any stupider they prove you wrong.

    The simple fact is that if Comey had any professional integrity he would never have accepted the job of FBI Director nor would he have been nominated by His Royal Smugness, King Barack. Anyone who thinks otherwise is just a sucker and a dope.

  3. Good luck getting them under Donald Trump.