Saturday, May 28, 2016

Did Gary Johnson Say Bombing Hiroshima Was a Good Thing?

On Saturday, I published a post that included a  tweet by Justin Raimondo that said:
Friend just called, horrified that @GovGaryJohnson is on CNN saying bombing of Hiroshima was a Good Thing. This is a "libertarian"?
A commenter Jim Thompson wrote that Johnson said no such thing.

Thanks to some heroic work by Jay Stephenson the clip has been located where Johnson comments about Hiroshima can be heard, here (at the start of the clip).

While Johnson does not use the words "good thing," he does not react to the question about the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima as though it was the horrific act it was.

Indeed, he goes out of his way to dredge up facts that would justify (in his mind) that the bombing was a "good thing." Evil.

I rule in favor of Raimondo on this over Thompson.


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