Sunday, May 29, 2016

Rossini versus Raimondo on Ron Paul's Refusal to Support Donald Trump

The below exchange is all about this: Watch What Happens When Alex Jones Tries to Get Ron Paul to Support Donald Trump in Some Fashion


  1. How can a Libertarian remotely support the Trump who said he would not only kill terrorist but their whole families.
    If Libertarians don't stick to principles we are nothing.

  2. Trumps words below:

    “I don’t mind NATO per se, but it has to be reconstituted, it has to be modernized,” Mr. Trump said Monday on “Fox and Friends.” “You know, we’re dealing with NATO from the days of the Soviet Union, which no longer exists. We need to either transition into terror or we need something else, because we have to get countries together.”

    This is hardly an opposition to NATO or foreign intervention. Trumps "reconstituted" and "modernized" NATO could be even more destructive and interventionist than the current one. And Raimondo doesn’t count the absence of any words from Trump in opposition to NATO in the 50 years of his adult life prior to running for President.

  3. Justin Raimondo in a twitter exchange with me tried so hard to convince me that he wasn't simply a Trump-cheerleader.
    Yet the courtesy and sympathy he is willing to allow a candidate does not even extend to libertarians with much less beliggerent foreign policies.
    It's so childish. Just admit you're a Trumpian. Walter Block does it.

  4. The strangest thing about this election has been high-profile ancaps supporting Trump. Ron Paul at least knows an authoritarian when he sees one.

  5. Wags! For once I agree with you on An-Caps! Support for Trump?!!?
    Support for a politician?
    Gary Johnson?
    Like Dr. Paul said in his interview with Alex Jones, I don't want ANYONE to rule over me.
    An-Caps need to start living that, wisely of course.

  6. But still, Ron Paul did not show that kind of principled position towards his own son. I did not like it and I cannot forgive him for it. Plus his softness towards Romney 4 years ago...

  7. Ron was soft on Romney? Because he refused to endorse him?