Sunday, April 3, 2016

Trump Ally Roger Stone Says He’s Planning “Days Of Rage” At The Convention

Roger Stone, the longtime Republican political operative, says he’s trying to organize protests at the Republican convention in Cleveland this summer to disrupt any effort by the party to “steal” the nomination from Donald Trump, notes Rosie Gray at BuzzFeed.

Stone tweeted several times on Friday evening about his plans, announcing a “Stop the Steal March on Cleveland” and calling on supporters to get to Cleveland for the convention in July.

Stone told BuzzFeed News over email that he is planning “#DaysofRage.” A seeming reference to the Weatherman-organized Days of Rage protests that took place in Chicago in 1969, according to Gray. Asked to elaborate, Stone said he was talking about “rally-protests -at delegate hotels street theater.”

Stone said the campaign was not involved in organizing this, instead saying the protests will be “organized by Trump nation,” but said that “we did inform them.” He said he had “issued the call to action” on Infowars, the Alex Jones-run conspiracy show, on March 30, that they “will stage protests at hotels of state delegates of states supporting the BIG STEAL.”


  1. "Alex Jones-run conspiracy show..."

    What a snide, moronic little swipe. Grow up, Bobby.

    1. How is that a "snide swipe"? He does discuss conspiracies on his show.

      I didn't mean anything by it.

    2. If you discuss conspiracies on your blog, it's the Robert Wenzel-run conspiracy blog, yes?

      Labeling someone a "conspiracy theorist" is a common and popular way to belittle and dismiss them.