Friday, March 25, 2016

Internet Explodes Over #CruzSexScandal

This is in the number 1 trending slot on Twitter: #CruzSexScandal. It even beats out Happy Easter.

A sampling:

Also see: BREAKING: Ted Cruz Linked to Hooker, Teacher, Co-Workers

Did Ted Cruz Pay Hush Money to Carly Fiorina to Keep News of One Alleged Affair From Going Public?

Trump Spokeswoman Responds to Allegations She Had Affair With Cruz


  1. this is almost as good as the Herman Cain flap. Hope it has legs.

  2. Why isn't anyone picking up this story? Nothing mainstream, no Drudge, no Breitbart. I see a couple of video responses from Cruz + his crony on RealClearPolitics. Rush Limbaugh mentioned it on his show, mostly dismissively. Is everyone waiting for the Cruz response until they run it? Very interesting ...