Monday, February 15, 2016

Bernie Sanders Releases Ad Featuring Daughter of Police Chokehold Victim Eric Garner

Yeah, so a guy gets killed because of oppressive cigarette selling laws, so put into power a guy who wants to increase laws and regulations by an exponential number.




  1. Absurd indeed. They misattribute the problem. They think the problem is not enough laws or poorly written laws. They think, if only we had more laws and better written laws, then we could micromanage everything to perfection.

  2. It really relies on people who only pay attention to what the MSM tell people. Sanders relies on the MSM message that only liberals will put an end to coproach brutality. Given how conservatives openly worship coproaches and think brutality is a "liberal myth" those who don't look beyond what the MSM protrays buy into it. Yeah while Sanders "may" (he won't) curb coproach violence in reality he needs the thugs in blue to enforce his socialism. Under a Sanders presidency Garner still would've died

    1. It would be great for a libertarian candidate to run an attack ad against Sanders along the lines of "Garner was killed by police for not collecting the tax revenue on the sale of a tobacco product that normally goes to fund government generally, including, but not limited to, employing the very police who committed such an act and the many welfare state programs advocated by Sanders."

  3. Their not that "meta", they don't care what the law is, they just seek more naked power for their ethnic and socioeconomic groups.