Sunday, February 14, 2016

Eliot Spitzer Investigated Over Alleged Choking Incident

The evil former New York attorney general and then governor, Eliot Spitzer, is apparently shacking up with some serious nutjobs these days.

The NYPD is investigating allegations that Spitzer choked a woman during an encounter inside a room at the swanky Plaza Hotel (formerly owned by Donald Trump), NyPo is reporting.

According to NyPo, coppers rushed to the hotel just south of Central Park after the woman — whose relationship to Spitzer is unclear — phoned 911 and said she was having a breakdown and had slashed her wrists around 8 p.m. Saturday.

Spitzer — who quit as governor over a hooker scandal in 2008 — answered the door when cops knocked and again when they made a follow-up visit a short time later.

The woman was taken for medical treatment at Roosevelt Hospital, where she told staffers that Spitzer had choked her.

In 2008, Wall Street took this character down by using investigators who became aware of his dalliances with the hookers, and he has been deteriorating ever since.

There, of course, is nothing wrong with prostitution from a libertarian perspective, but every legal tool available should be sued to harass and takedown government officials.



Well this is getting interesting very quickly:


  1. Always gratifying to see people responsible for prosecuting aggression get caught and ground up in the gears of their own aggressive schemes.

  2. Maybe he was just trying to choke his chicken, and she happened to be in the way.

  3. It baffles me that women get involved with politicians because they're powerful then act surprised when powerful people introduce violence into the relationship. What do they think politicians do? What do they think power is?