Monday, February 15, 2016

US Cargo Plane with Dead Body, Millions in Cash Held in Zimbabwe

 Zimbabwe aviation authorities impounded a US-registered cargo jet, a senior official said Monday, with a dead body and millions of South African rand reportedly on board.

Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe general manager David Chawota confirmed a plane registered with Western Global Airlines was impounded at Harare International Airport on Sunday. A website says Western Global Airlines is based in Estero, Florida.

“The case is now in the hands of the state. It involves nationals and property of other countries so I am no longer qualified to give much detail, but yes, we impounded the plane on Sunday,” Chawota told the Associated Press.

“The crew requested to land for refueling but our ground-handling personnel discovered blood leaks and became suspicious. Talk to the police for more details,” he said by telephone, refusing to give details about the crew or the cargo.

Smells like a  CIA operation gone bad.


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  1. "rand reportedly on board." REALLY?? did he have Sharpton and whoopie with him?