Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Seattle Socialist Sawant May Run for US Congress

US congressman Jim McDermott, in the last year of his 14th term in office representing Washingon's 7th Congressional District, has announced he won't run again.

The buzzards are circling. Democratic State Rep. Brady Walkinshaw announced last month that he's running for the vacancy.

Socialist  Kshama Sawant may also run for the seat. She is currently a member of the Seattle City Council.

"Kshama is focused on starting her second term," Sawant's campaign manager Philip Locker told Heidi Groover of The Stranger by text. "But there is a crying need for independent working class representatives in Congress. She is eager to work with the labor movement and progressives to run a strong working class candidate independent from the two big business parties."

Sawant, who has yet to find an economic intervention she doesn't like, would surely be able to raise funds nationally among the free market haters.

Her ability to draw attention to herself would also make her quite the annoyance in DC.



  1. Anyone know who that is on her T-shirt?

  2. She belongs next to you in SF, you know it Robert! Just take her already.

  3. America deserves socialism, good and hard.

  4. Can't they deport her, just for fun?