Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Congratulations to Jim Bovard for Making Washingtonian Magazine's Outrage List

Along with Donald Trump, Gov. Chris Christie,  the Washington Redskins (with a name that liberals now hate),  and reviled pro-Confederate flag protestors, Washingtonian magazine credits Bovard with one of the “17 Moments of Local Outrage That Defined 2015.” For his commentary on a "Silent Shakespeare" performance.

Writes Jim:
Actually, my WSJ piece was more playful than outraged, and it focused more on Shakespeare than on the local theater company.  But there was a huge uproar locally because I had mocked a sacred cow of the local cultural scene.

After seeing Synetic’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, I commented to a reporter from the DCist.com: “Synetic offered dry humping in lieu of Shakespearean dialogue…. Maybe Synetic believes that its East European-style pantomime is superior to the words Shakespeare wrote. I disagree.” I was confounded to see Synetic early on cast most of Shakespeare’s plot overboard.  Synetic Theater subsequently explicitly claimed that its performances were “deeper” than Shakespeare’s original...
Dang, if only my attacks on the Justice Department and HUD reverberated like this!


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  1. Ugggh! John Bolton alert! End the clip before the one minute mark or you will see his face! Yuck!