Monday, December 21, 2015

The DHS at Your Service

It is time we return security to individual airlines to handle any way they want.



  1. What makes this so pointless is that anyone could kill a few dozen people by just opening fire on the security line.

  2. Understand, if the American people actually were able to get rid of the TSA doing so would simply make it necessary for the Gov (or Chertoff maybe?) to blow up a bunch of Americans to bring it back. The TSA serves no purpose than to generate payola and make sure the serfs don't get uppity. Think of the time standing in line to get sexually assaulted and your iPad stolen as just another tax for living in the "land of the free and the home of the brave."

    Americans should know by now how this works. The Gov is a protection-racket. "Hey mundane, do yewz wantz to have an unlucky mass shooting at yur school? Maybe an unlucky bombing on yur next jogging? Pay up so we can 'protect' yewz." An offer we can't refuse.

    So the TSA is here to stay like it or not. (My flying days are over because I refuse to go through their checkpoints. I drive cross country now... at least until TSA starts rousting people on the highways. Then I guess I'll just "shelter in place"... but keep paying my taxes for all the "freedoms" I enjoy.)

    1. Love your avatar- America has become a real life version of "Brazil"!