Monday, December 21, 2015

This is Why Hillary was Late Getting Back to the Debate Stage

NyPo (via the Globe) has the scoop:
Hillary Clinton was prevented from getting back to the stage[on time] during the Democratic presidential debate because Eliot Spitzer’s gal pal was hogging the bathroom, according to a report.
Clinton was trying to take a quick bathroom break during Saturday night’s debate in Manchester, NH, but was beaten to the loo by Lis Smith, who is also Martin O’Malley’s campaign rep, the Boston Globe said. A top Clinton staffer was stationed there and gave Smith the OK....Smith — who was caught getting her toes sucked by Spitzer in a 2014 hot-tub romp — was in the bathroom stall and Clinton had to wait for her to finish, the Globe reported.

Spitzer and Smith

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  1. Let's not forget to tell your readers that there were three stalls and Clinton refused to share the restroom. What exactly does a hot tub and toe sacking have to do with the story?