Monday, December 21, 2015

Video Emerges of Hillary Meeting With Black Lives Matter Activists

I find these clips fascinating. First, Hillary's body language in the first part of the first clip is priceless. But after, that I think there is real insight into how Hillary thinks as a politician.

The second clip shows that Hillary doesn't buy into "I'd like to teach the world to sing nonsense." (despite her "We are all sinners" comment.)




  1. You see how pragmatic she is. Hillary understands the state is a hammer. It is unrealistic to change everyone to a private property-respecting ancap. We need to change enough to gain political control, and then we change the laws to laissez-faire capitalism. That's how liberty is actually achieved. Rothbard has killed us with this anarchism nonsense.

    1. Until the hammer is in her hands again and the laws turn the other way. That does keep the Clintons and Bushes in the cash though.

  2. If you think that "Rothbard has killed..." the movement toward laissez faire capitalism you are either very naive or a statist at heart. The term laissez faire means to let people do as they chose and the idea that this can be implemented by force is absurd. Hillary knows this and knows she has little power to effect change and must simply chase the majority when she states that "you can't change hearts." Rothbard and von Mises both understood this and believed (IMO) their only tool was to preach to the choir and keep the knowledge of liberty alive. Our current political situation reflects the majority and won't change until the majority change, in their hearts and minds. This can only happen with time and evolution. So we must be patient. For those looking for solace read Lonfellow's poem: A Psalm of Life. Particularly the last stanza