Friday, March 13, 2015

Ross Ulbricht's Mother is Not to Happy About a VICE Article about Her Son

 Ross Ulbricht's mother, Lyn Ulbricht, had this to say in excerpts from an emailed response tor Ross' former roommate Alex Bauer's, who wrote an article for Vice about Ross. She is addressing Bauer:
You assume that the prosecution's evidence is valid and that the defense had nothing more than a “skeleton of an argument.” However, you can't know this because the defense was blocked from pursuing its case. Exculpatory evidence was stricken from the record and the defense could not pursue it or mention it in its summation....This is also addressed in the defense’s post trial motions. 
You say Ross still has to stand trial for murder-for-hire charges in Baltimore, Maryland, at an undetermined date.” On what do you base this? The fact that those charges were not part of the NY case shows they have no merit according to Ross’ lawyer. An indictment is simply an accusation that requires no proof. This one is over 16 months old.  I highly doubt he will face these charges at a future trial and you have no basis to say he will....
And how can you speak for “his family.” We have never discussed this with you. We are not “troubled” by the allegations of murder-for-hire because we do not for one minute believe them....
You wrap up the article by saying Ross “did lie to us.” About what, pray tell? You have no idea of what’s underneath the government’s carefully crafted and censored narrative and I suggest you approach this, and anything else you hear from them in the future, with more skepticism.
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