Monday, January 26, 2015

Say What? In the Wake of English Speaking Soldiers in Mariupol, the CFR Calls Out Russia!

It is unclear who launched the deadly attack in Mariupol, Ukraine. The government of Ukraine is blaming the separatists, the separatists are blaming government forces.

What is known as a fact is that English speaking soldiers dressed in military uniforms were on the ground after the attack. There is video proof. (SEE: Are US Military Boots on the Ground in Ukraine?) This is all that is certain about the general period of the attack.

Yet, with this cloudy background and curious English speaking soldiers, the in-house Council on Foreign Relations magazine, Foreign Affairs, has chosen to call out Russia:

Is it really necessary to repeat once again that Ukraine is of no defensive military importance to the United States, while Russia shares a border with Ukraine and thus has a much greater tangible concern with what goes on in the area, particularly since the separatists are mostly of Russian descent and want to be freed from the anti-Russian rule in Kiev?


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  1. Are you going to believe your lying eyes and ears, or what we tell you. There are no US soldiers in Ukraine...