Sunday, January 25, 2015

Are US Military Boots on the Ground in Ukraine?

ZeroHedge has posted this odd clip by a Ukranian news team that shows a man in a Ukranian uniform responding with perfect English to a reporter's question. The location of the filming is Mariupol, where many yesterday were killed and wounded following an artillery attack. Both sides in the conflict blame the other for the attack.

It's possible the English speaker is a New Yorker or maybe an Aussie, but Michael Rozeff makes an important point:
 [L]et’s add one or two other considerations. He answers in English, automatically. This man is at the site of the bombardment and he does not want to be questioned or seen. He is also one of three such men hastening away. Why are they there? Why armed? My theory is that being armed and camouflaged, this man looks like local Ukrainian soldiers or this man is mingling with Ukrainian soldiers, or that all three are English-speaking; and that he is there to gather intelligence.
Or could they possibly be running an op?


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