Monday, January 26, 2015

A Neocon's Take on This Weekend's Gong Show in the Desert

Likely presidential candidates Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker all spoke this weekend in Palm Springs at the annual Koch brothers private desert version of the old standby, The Gong Show

The neocons are giving the win to Marco Rubio. This was retweeted by top neocon and political gong show first teamer, Jennifer Rubin:


  1. The neocons must have already decided to go with Rubio. Charles Krauthammer said he would most likely win the nomination right before this conference. Rubio could have stood on stage and made arm pit noises for two hours and the neocons would say he won.

    Krauthhammer: Rubio is most likley going to win GOP nomination

  2. Also, I just have to add that I would consider Rand the "Gene Gene, the Dancing Machine" of this group.

    1. Was Lindsey Graham there? He'd be the Jaye P. Morgan of the group.

  3. Apropos of Chuck Barris's purported CIA ties.