Sunday, October 19, 2014

EXPOSED: The Real Reason the CDC Chief is Against a Ban on Travel from Ebola Infested Countries

Pat Dollard writes:
As a community organizer,[CDC director Tom] Frieden went down to Mississippi to right the wrongs those evil white Christians committed against those “poor, oppressed” blacks and he sees himself as doing the same thing now. He literally sees himself as working not for the big, bad oppressor America, but for the blacks of Africa. With his ebola activism, he has replaced avenging/saving Mississippi’s “poor, oppressed” blacks with avenging/saving Africa’s “poor, oppressed” blacks as his latest wild-eyed zealot revolutionary cause (And he has a long history of over-the-top zealotry. He’s the guy behind Bloomberg’s loony bans, including salt in restaurants). Simply put, in his mind, he works for Africa, not America. He has stated that a key reason for not enacting a travel ban is that it will hurt the economies of certain African countries. His opinion is that if Americans must die to help his African clients, then so be it – “First do no harm” as it applies to Africa, not America. Also, given his radical leftist ideology, it’s certain that he believes that not having a travel ban and risking ebola entering the country is just one of many proper atonements for America for its “sin” of slavery. These are the basic reasons why there is no travel ban. Obama chooses his appointees carefully.

NOTE: Watch for my upcoming post on libertarian considerations and travel bans-RW

(ht Paul Huebl)

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