Thursday, May 13, 2021

Palm Beach is Preparing for a Possible Trump Indictment

Donald Trump is a buffoon, but the obsession with taking him down is something else.

Politico reports:

 Law enforcement officials in Palm Beach County, Fla., have actively prepared for the possibility that Manhattan District Attorney CY VANCE could indict former President DONALD TRUMP while he’s at Mar-a-Lago, according to two high-ranking county officials involved in planning sessions.

Among the topics discussed in those meetings: how to handle the thorny extradition issues that could arise if an indictment moves forward.

An obscure clause in Florida’s statute on interstate extradition gives Gov. RON DESANTIS the ability to intervene and even investigate whether an indicted “person ought to be surrendered” to law enforcement officials from another state — which means that as Mar-a-Lago prepares to close down for the season and Trump relocates to Bedminster, N.J., it isn’t just the Florida heat he’s leaving behind: He could lose a key piece of political protection.

“The statute leaves room for interpretation that the governor has the power to order a review and potentially not comply with the extradition notice,” says JOE ABRUZZO, clerk of the Circuit Court of Palm Beach County, the official who would be in charge of opening a potential fugitive-at-large case.

One wrinkle to Abruzzo’s potential role in all of this: He is a former close associate of President JOE BIDEN’S younger brother, FRANK. Abruzzo tells Playbook that despite his friendship with the Biden family, “the full extent of the law will be followed and carried out appropriately, without bias.”

Compared to Hunter Buden (or Joe Biden for that matter), Trump is the Virgin Mary. 



  1. He may be a buffoon but he's the red states' buffoon.

    This would be a great precedent to set for future presidents. No officeholder is safe from indictment, politically motivated or not.

  2. Same Palm Beach that let Jefferey Epstein tool around untouched for 20 years? Who's running that clown show, and who do they answer to?

  3. Let's see if Trump is smart to leave...

  4. What are they indicting him for?

    1. Exactly! What exactly *is* he being indicted over? That's a question the MSM never seems to answer.

  5. It's about time. Hopefully he gets a jury that's even more biased than the one Chauvin got and they put him away for life.

  6. The reason the Left wants Trump so badly is that they feel guilty about having stolen the election.