Thursday, May 13, 2021

Amazing Super Woke Army Recruitment Ad

 This is off-the-charts.

Most businessmen I know are trying to stay away from woke hires since they offer the potential for serious trouble rather than a focus on business.

Bizarrely, the United States military is going in the opposite direction.

It couldn't happen to a more dangerous organization but this is still stunning.

The US military has been captured by wokeness.



  1. "One of my sorority sisters went to Italy to study abroad...another climbed Mt. Everest; I needed my own adventure, my own shatter stereotypes..."

    Is that now the purpose of the provide thrills and adventure? To serve as each person's personal, stereotype-dispelling meme---?

    We are so getting our asses kicked in the next war (again).

    1. These ads target a certain human condition whereby a person thinks that just being alive isn't good enough to provide happiness. We tend to want to have experiences that can justify our existence. Spinning on a planet in empty space - for no reason anyone has solidly discerned - isn't cool enough for most of us.

      There's a lot that's been said about this so I'll be brief. Life is the experience. Once a person has that down, this kind of marketing loses its power.

  2. The less credibility that the US military has globally, and the less efficient it is as a killing machine, the better off we all are. Bring on the woke.

  3. Woke US Gov’t? Look at this compare and contrast:

  4. I'm surprised Israel allows this, considering the US military fights all of its wars for them.

  5. Imagine the lesbian/homosexual spats as deployments happen. 'I'm not painting that pride flag on those missiles, that's your job.' 'No, bitch, your job is to send out the battalion leather, meet-and-greet invitations for the new recruits.'

  6. About 4.5% identify as LGBTQ+. This is a very small demographic to market to. The market is the “woke” that do not ID as LGBTQ+.

    About 62% in the USA support same gender marriage. Mixed race and homosexual coupling is “trendy” now. The “cool” trend setting crowd is “woke,” at least that is what the idiocracy believes. This has got to be the demographic these ads and some entertainment (such as Disney+ animation “The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder”) are directed at.

  7. Compare the Army video to this Russian recruiting ad, and pray that we don’t get in a fight with Russia a few years down the road.

    The latest Russian military recruitment ad. Embracing core male characteristics and traits, as well as targeting men, at their prime and their best, for actual combat. A striking contrast with the latest campaigns from western countries, most notably the U.K., and more recently, Sweden.

    I am thinking this will also REDUCE military recruiting of strong young men. If shows the army as effeminate, why in the hell do they want to join that sorry organization?

  8. Am I the only one that noticed the cartoon's young woman has blonde hair and blue eyes? Guessing she's a proud Aryan.