Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Bezos Wants You to Pay For Goods With Biometric Palm Print

Creepy and potentially much more dangerous than a COVID-19 passport, Amazon has brought its palm-reading Amazon One to the East Coast on Monday, launching its biometric authentication system at an Amazon Go store on 42nd Street in Midtown Manhattan, reports the Daily Mail.

Previously the readers were only available in Seattle-area Amazon and Whole Food stores.

The technology lets shoppers scan the palm of their hand and connect their unique 'palm signature' to a credit card or Amazon account.

Do you really want Bezos to store and have immediate access to your palm print?

The technology has already been implemented in about 20 Amazon-owned properties in the greater Seattle area, including Amazon Go, Amazon Books, Amazon Pop Up and Whole Foods stores.

In Orwell like speak, Dilip Kumar, Amazon's vice president for physical retail and technology, said in a blog post that "Ultimately, using a palm as a biometric identifier puts customers in control of when and where they use the service."

The alternative scenario is that it gets Amazon (perhaps in conjunction with government?) the ability to track and control access to anything or any location.

Cash is king.



  1. “ Bezos Wants You to Pay For Goods With Biometric Palm Print”
    Funny, so does Satan. Haha

  2. Free markets, amirite? You didn't seem to care when it was Twitter or Facebook working with the government (section 230 protections) to stifle speech. I hope they implant a chip straight up your ass.