Thursday, April 29, 2021

A Final Report: 12-Months of Not Wearing a Mask in San Francisco

Heavy mask-wearing in San Francisco this past Saturday at an outdoor market on the Embarcadero. 

I don't know the exact number of days but it has been roughly 12-months since the first "wear a mask" order came down in San Francisco.

In all that time, I have not worn a mask on the streets of the foggy city.

I have resisted mask-wearing because I really hate the state telling me what to do, because I really hate wearing masks and I am not sure what the long-term health consequences of mask-wearing are. And most important, I looked at it as an educational experience about defiance and how I would be dealt with by the masses for not wearing a mask (or wearing a mask beneath my nose when in a retail store).

It is time for a full recap, seeing as though the CDC has granted the sheep an exemption from wearing masks outside for "the vaccinated."

On my daily walk through downtown San Francisco, yesterday was the first day where I was not the only one on the street maskless. I would say that about 3% were maskless.

In other words, my open defiance has lost some of its hardcore revolutionary edge to it. I now look just like a compliant guy who has been vaccinated and is following the latest guidance from the sociopaths at the top of the CDC.

But what a 12-months it was. 

I was verbally harassed on the street at least once a week and I took in-store mask harassment complaints to senior management at least a half-dozen times.  On the street, I have been called selfish, a Trump-lover, a Holocaust denier because I wasn't wearing a mask. A  bicyclist circled around to take a picture of me and I have had the police called on me.

And then there was this guy:

But the most important part of the experience for me was learning how to deal with midget-Maos. When the next major crackdown comes, for whatever reason and however, I am going to have a bit more experience on how to deal with the serious Karens of the world who can't mind their own business. The modern-day secular Puritans. 

As I have reported before, I found racial and age differences when I responded to those who ordered me in a store to put a mask over my nose.

If I simply stated to Asians or Hispanics of any age or sex that I had a medical condition, they backed off immediately.

The biggest problem I had was with white guys between roughly the ages of 25 to 35. 

There was one, apparently American-born, white guy in his 60s an employee at Bloomingdales who told me to put my mask over my nose but when I gave him feedback he folded like an immigrant working with an expired green card.

But it was the damn social justice-trained white guys that were the big problem.

It was confrontations with these clowns that most often led to my taking things to more senior management. It happened at Macy's, Container Store and Half-Price Books in Berkeley among other places.

The usual routine would be for me to call or email national headquarters and then it would be bounced down to the regional manager. 

If nothing else, the managers were extremely apologetic and professional and the punk kid was going to get a serious talking to.

Here is an email sent to me by one of the regional managers:

I am an Area Director for XYZ and the stores in Northern California are within my market responsibilities.  I received from our corporate office your email with details of the experience you had in our San Francisco location last week.  I did want you to know that I have already followed up with my General Manager of the San Francisco location and shared with him your email.  I do have a meeting scheduled with [the employee] also this week.  If you have the time I would like to talk with you over the phone and have the opportunity to apologize to you directly on behalf of XYZ.

 If you would be able to provide me with a time of when you would be available this week on Thursday 4th or Friday 5th along with what phone number is best to reach you at that would be great.  Certainly if either of those days are not convenient for you I can chat next week any day from the 9th – 12th.

Thank you so much for your time.

The regional manager provided me with her direct cell phone number and email address after the full investigation so that I could contact her in the future about any problems.

One thing I did learn with discussions with these regional managers is that they all pull the surveillance tape of the confrontations so I am always aware of this now. 

When I tell these punk kids that I have an exemption in line with San Francisco public health ordinances and a medical exemption letter, they all refuse to look at it. So I now make sure that I clearly attempt to show the ordinance and letter in a manner that the video will catch it well and catch the refusal of the employee to look at it. 

It, of course, then goes well to buttress my narrative.

I am doing this mostly, as I say, because I hate the state and masks and to test the system but I don't mind these punks getting taken down a notch by management. Upper management seems to do serious investigations.

As for white females in the 25 to 35 age bracket, some of them will challenge me but will back down with any feedback from me. Others are just great. 

Once in the local Target, I was picking up a few things when the cashier was giving me grief about not having my mask over my nose. He was Asain so I knew the odds were that he would back down with enough feedback from me, but a white 30-something gal who seemed to be a cashier overseer caught the interaction in the early stage and just picked up what I wanted to purchase and said, "Come on, I will ring you up over here." Customer service de-escalation before escalation, awesome. If we only had more people in the world like her and I think she was smiling under her mask. Of course, I couldn't tell for sure that she was smiling because Target requires its employees to wear smile blocking masks.



  1. What an interesting experience you have had. It is wild how behavior of the mini-Maos varies regionally. For example, I have a friend outside of Boston. Dude is no wimp. We were in the Marines together. And he is still a massive physical specimen. He was getting harrassed so bad he gave up. Couldn't take the abuse, especially when his little girls were around. Mind you, this is a 6'4 240 individual with military training.

    As for me, I was harrassed in my home state of Virginia only once and I blew the Karen off and kept walking. This was at a Kroger. And I have entered stores here maskless hundreds of times. I did the same in the Chicago suburbs over a winter trip when everyone there was petrified. And I have had several drives back and forth to Florida now and never wore one in any state in between.

    No one says a word to me. I chalk it up to the beard and the chest hair I brazenly display. Keeps the bitches in their place lol.

  2. Epic report Robert! The waving of the documents at the self deputized enforcers for the surveillance cameras and standard follow up with upper soviet management is Eric Peters-esque brilliant.

  3. Listen and understand. That coronavirus is out there. It can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be bargained with… it doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear… and it absolutely will not stop. Ever. Until you are dead.

  4. Ess Eff is hellish. Too bad, it used to be a great city.

  5. Viruses like the flu are ever present but essentially opportunistic when your immune system is sub-optimal especially during the winter when you get low Vitamin D sunshine. So the mitigation steps are simple. Get some sun during the summer; restrict sugar (especially starchy carbs); and check your Vitamin D levels prior to supplementing during the winter.

    1. but, but, dare you suggest that our habits and diet affect our health! Are you some type of radical against the food industry? I'm feeling oppressed as I eat a box of Oreos, hunkering in my TP bunker, watching the latest death count...

  6. Take back control at the local levels like Vail, AZ:

  7. I have never worn a mask. Never. When asked to, I explain that I'm medically exempt. If the store insists I wear a mask, I politely leave. I respect their property rights. I have gotten some dirty looks, and an occaissional remark. I brush them off and keep moving.

    I'm in Nothern California, a red county. Usually I am the only person in the store without a mask. My attittude is if someone Karens me, which has never happened, I will politely tell them that I understand their fear and will try to stay out of their way. I have no desire to get into an argument or provoke one.

    It works for me.

    1. Yeah, come down to SF and demonstrate your technique for us.

  8. I’m confused Robert. I thought you refused to mask up, which is why you had to deal with confrontations and management. But then a few of your stories include masks below the nose.... which is very different. I assume sometimes you chose to mask and avoid the hassle, correct?

    1. It is nearly impossible to go into a store in SF without a mask. Sometimes you can if you have long drawn out conversations of 15 minutes plus on the phone with management but I don't have time for that and most of the time that is not going to work.

  9. RW has real game, not just as a secondhand (firsthand maybe?) dealer in ideas, but as a freedom fighter on the line and in the trenches! Bravo, sir.

  10. Good job RW. Here in Texas, the people's Republican of the City of Austin are retards about it. The Karens at Sun City are also stupidly annoying, so I told them they could shove their farmer's market product up their ass.