Wednesday, March 31, 2021

San Francisco Takes the Lead in New Style Aggressive Robberies

I don't think they even try this in New York City.

A  58-year-old mother was sitting in her car with the doors locked and the windows up, in the relatively safe Japantown district.

She has just grabbed a takeout meal.

A man broke the passenger-side window, grabbed her purse from the floor of the passenger seat and ran off into a getaway car, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The thieves got away with her purse, car keys, house keys, wallet and other important documents.

 The family changed all the locks at their house and stored their car with a relative, fearing the thieves could come back.

A daughter and her brother, reports the Chronicle, have decided to take shifts supervising their parents and making sure they’re never alone while walking around in San Francisco, which has been their parents’ home since they both immigrated in the 1980s from  China in search of a better life.



  1. At first blush, I'm astonished that the continued reaction is always "make guns harder to get" (i.e. "make self-defense/defense of others more difficult").
    But then, it's not astonishing at all, if you know your history, and have an understanding of the psychology of both the psychopaths that worm their way into power, and their gullible supporters.

  2. Any word yet whether they voted for limited government over their years here in the US? Funny they all 'come here for a better life', and then vote for stupidity that degrades everyone's standard of living.

  3. Sounds like white supremacy is to blame. We need more nonwhites to flood the country to rectify the situation. Nonwhite countries don't suffer from this sort of senseless violence.