Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Another COVID Vaccination Severe Brutal Skin Rash

 A 41-year-old Scottish woman who received a COVID-19 vaccine broke out in a severe rash that has left her in agony more than two weeks after her fateful jab, reports Wishaw Press.

“My skin is so sore and constantly hot. I have never felt pain like this it has been a horrible experience," said Leigh King

“I am a very healthy person and am not on any medication or anything like that. I am not even in a vulnerable category.

“I only got the vaccine as I am an unpaid carer for my son who has autism and mobility issues.

“I haven’t even been able to care for him since I got the vaccine as I am in such pain,” she continued.

King had her first dose of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine on March 12 but is still in pain more than two weeks later.

She said: “I feel so let down on every level. I’m now waiting to see a skin specialist as it’s been such an extreme reaction and also need an eye test as my eyes are so dry.

“I wish there was more support for people if this happens to them.”

An NHS spokesperson said: “We are unable to discuss individual patient care and would ask the patient to contact us directly to discuss their concerns.”

A general statement from the UK's National Health Service says: “The vaccines approved for use in the UK have met strict standards of safety, quality and effectiveness set out by the independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

“To say it’s been the worst time of my life is an absolute understatement," she said.

“I first got the vaccine on March 12 at Ravenscraig and started to feel immediate side-effects.

“The letter they gave me said that if side-effects still occur after 48 hours I should go to hospital.

“I went to Wishaw A&E but was turned away.

“I went back twice more and the last time I was in such pain I could barely walk out the hospital.”

And, on a side note, consider the UK's "wonderful" government healthcare, she is still waiting to see a skin specialist.



  1. You should be sending your commentary on these to Jimmy Dore. Does he still think single payer is the way to go? He is... Good on war. Bad on socialism’s war on our freedom.

  2. Every TV commercial for a drug ends with 20 seconds of a rushed voice telling the viewer all the awful potential side effects. Think we'll get that for the vaccine?

  3. From the article:

    Leigh wants to make clear that she is not against the vaccines but feels that there has been a lack of follow-up care in her case.

    "The bloody diarrhea mostly went away after four days, but I won't be able to see a doctor until next week about the foul-smelling green discharge leaking out of my ears, nose, anus, and vagina. There really needs to be a focus on care to manage the possible side-effects", she said.