Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Masks Enhance Falls

 I never thought about this.

An interesting take (5 minutes and 17 seconds):




  1. I intuitively figured masks affect our peripheral vision but this explains it precisely.

    One of the best ways I found to get traction with people who are pro or passive about masks is to site the study on double masking that I first saw on Target Liberty. Charlatan scientists are putting masks on mannequins and spraying them with aerosol. Everyone I've brought this up to comes to the same basic conclusion: "that's not science." Even if it doesn't change their mind it erodes the pedestal they have put "The Experts" on. It doesn't take any formal education to realize the numerous faults in such a study when you apply it to real world scenarios.

    Balance issues are yet another side affect the myopic quacks never consider. COVID policies rest heavily on disciplinary fragmentation and an inability to think in whole systems.

  2. When all the quality science of masks finally becomes accepted mainstream, all your friends will say they were against masks all along.

    David B.