Saturday, February 20, 2021

INSIDER REPORT: Kids Deal With Public School Online "Education" By Turning the Cameras Off

Private schools in San Francisco have been open for some time. 

Not public schools where the teachers' union has enormous influence and teachers appear to be just fine with online teaching where they can just roll out of bed for a couple of hours and "teach" while the kids turn off the cameras and walk away.

There doesn't appear to be any short-term solution. San Francisco middle school principal tells parents"full reopening of schools in the Fall is highly unlikely."

Here is a longer excerpt of the letter from Principal Wyatt of Aptos Middle School where it is revealed that students are turning their cameras off during online "public school education":

Government providing anything is a bad idea. It is a particularly bad idea in the area of student education.

The San Francisco public school teachers are a perfect example of a government power sector that has emerged and where the outcome is not anywhere near what is being provided in the private sector scenario where the consumers (parents) have a real say.


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  1. "Government providing anything is a bad idea. It is a particularly bad idea in the area of student education."

    I completely agree. Yet here we are. Parent have put up with this shoddy experience for decades. When my children were in school I promoted non-coercive voluntary alternatives until my family urged me to tone it down because the backlash might hurt my children. The force and coercion is threatening and palpable. And maybe this is the greatest lesson from public schools. The evolution of human beings is a work in progress and the might makes right creed is strong among us so choose your battles carefully.