Thursday, January 28, 2021

Rand Paul Emerging

On the heels of Senator Rand Paul shredding to pieces George Stephanopoulos on "ABC News This Week," Rand delivered a powerful speech on the senate floor objecting to the impeachment of Donald Trump.

I repeat what I said at the Stephanopoulos post:

Rand Paul emerges!

Rand Paul emerges!

This is awesome.

The second half is especially powerful (8 minutes and 56 seconds).


I now have Rand as my early favorite in the 2024 presidential race.



  1. Other than spreading the word, what is the strategy for supporting Rand? Political donations come to mind but is that enough or even appropriate?

  2. As much as I admire Rand he has no chance in 2024. They will take him out early on in the primaries just like last time. If he is able to channel Dad’s 2007 popular appeal (and while I like Rand, he ain’t Ron so doubtful) the RNC will fix the primaries and end up nominating some establishment tool.
    Trump was never taken seriously until it was too late and the RNC was stuck with him. Even then there were efforts to supplant his primary victories and try to nominate someone else. Rand would be an easier opponent upon which to hoist that kind of plan.
    And if it gets so far as in 2012 when Dad kept the pressure on the party will simply threaten Paul, his family, or whomever it takes to stake him out. The only difference between the DNC and the RNC is that the RNC does not buy you a lake house when the fix a primary against you.

  3. What's this country coming to? Revolution.
    Anybody who wants to impeach someone for exercising their constitutional rights to disagree and appeal deserves to be censured if not cashiered.
    IOW this is unAmerican, never mind unconstitutional/stupid.

    And no, Big Joe, the only place unity means submission is in your totalitarian dreams.
    Those of us who aren't sleep walking zombies aren't buying.
    cheers, pal.

  4. Rand doesn't have the balls to be president I don't think. Great senator though.