Monday, January 25, 2021

WOW, Rand Paul Shreds George Stephanopoulos

Rand Paul emerges!

Rand Paul emerges!

This is awesome.



  1. He didn't have the guts to say "YES" it was stolen!!AND he didn't have the guts to withhold certification. Bad form Senator Paul!!

    1. He was wise not to say it because he doesn’t know if the election was stolen. What he said was in some states election laws were changed, and that was unconstitutional.

      Now that Biden is president a more thorough investigation could occur, and perhaps courts more willing to entertain cases.

    2. There's no way to tell if the election was stolen because to say the election was stolen requires a full understanding the magnitude of all the irregularities, fraud, illegal law changes, etc and so forth combined. The democrats simply dismiss most of it as acceptable because it benefits them. They had no issue making an investigation over much smaller issues claiming the 2016 election was stolen for years on end.

  2. Let me sum this up quickly:

    Shill: There was no fraud and if you think there was you are a liar.
    Rand: There was some fraud.
    Shill: You are a liar. Accept the results.
    Rand: I accepted the results, but there is still evidence of fraud.
    Shill: There was not enough fraud to swing an election.
    Rand: I want to investigate what fraud we know occurred.
    Shill: Even though I just admitted that fraud did occur, no fraud occurred. You are a liar.

    David B.

  3. Politicians are self-evidently thieves who lie about their thievery. The only people interested in which thief "wins" are those wishing to benefit from the loot.