Thursday, November 19, 2020

Newly Elected Democratic Freshman Congressional Leaders are All Lefty Wack Jobs

There are none of the alleged Democratic centrists among the just elected leadership of Democratic freshman members of Congress:

Class president: 


Has pronouns in her Twitter profile. pro-universal healthcare.

Freshman rep to leadership: 


Has pronouns in his Twitter profile, identifies as progressive, former Obama DOJ/

 Steering and policy: 


Has pronouns in her Twitter profile, list @hillaryclinton in her profile



All about identity politics.


Rep.-Elect Ritchie Torres, Congress' first gay Afro-Latino, on why he ran for office: "I felt that no one with my lived experience was fighting for me in public office, so one day I said to myself, instead of standing on the sidelines, why not become the change I wish to see?”



  1. Why are the people who spread these ideas so much more competent at spreading ideas than we are? What are the skills they poses that we lack? Why do libertarians suck at this game?

    1. Perhaps it's because of the 12+ years of indoctrination and these collectivist ideas are just reinforcement or expansion of previously learned concepts. Libertarian or Anarcho-Capitalist ideas are like a cold glass of ice water thrown right in their face.

    2. Self-responsibility, consequences for one's actions, Individualism and independence don't sell as well as free stuff, moral hazard and life on a plantation or reservation.

    3. I've run a regression, and the conclusion is that if you list your preferred pronouns in your signature block, then you have more influence.

    4. @Donxon Because the so called 'leaders' and 'intellectuals' of libertarianism are either jews or jew lovers like Wenzel and are controlled opposition.

    5. This is like asking a bunch dorks why they can't get laid.

    6. That is because of the nature of ideas. Libertarian ideas require reason an thinking.

      Socialist ideas are nothing more than abandoning reason and degradation to monkey behavior - emotional, instinct-driven. A troop of monkeys is basically socialist, complete with dear leader who takes food from lower-ranking monkeys and distributes it as he wishes (mostly to secure loyalty of his leutenants).