Thursday, November 19, 2020

It Just Got Worse For Newsom: It Turns Out Medical Associated Hypocrites Were At the Maskless Dinner That The CA Governor Lied About

The French Laundry

It appears that the hypocrisy of California Governor Gavin Newsom, without a mask at a crowded party at the Michelin-rated restaurant French Laundry, did not stop with him.

The Associated Press reports that the full list of attendees has not been disclosed but it’s known Newsom was seated among at least three lobbyists, including two top officials for the California Medical Association. Spokesman Anthony York confirmed CMA chief executive officer Dustin Corcoran and senior vice president Janus Norman were in attendance.

The organization represents and lobbies for 50,000 doctors and has recently tweeted messages including #StayHome and #WearAMask.

And another hypocrite exposed, California Senator Diane Feinstein:



  1. It Just Got Worse For Newsom? How? Please explain. These people are paid liars. They use our tax money to party together and laugh at the stupidity of the public. Look around at people in CA. They are clueless. I see them everywhere, wearing masks on walks, on hiking trails, in their cars, even putting muzzles on their toddlers without question. Good little rule followers. God help us.

  2. Insider trading is also illegal for us plebs, but is standard operating procedure for most of the congressional noose bait. Why and how is this any different?

  3. I don’t think anything will happen to him. They are insulated from everything.
    I hate these type of commies more than anything, they know they are lying about COVID-19, they know their mandates are a dares and are killing jobs and businesses and people and they don’t care at all. Instead, they have a fine party that those same people they are destroying have to pay for, a fine party that probably more than a majority couldn’t afford for themselves. And they celebrate and congratulate themselves on a job well done and a people well enslaved.